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  1. sorry for the crazy late-ness.. but just sent mine out just then..

    5.03kg's overseas = $102.05aud



    p.s. whoever has got me, i'm going overseas tomorrow, won't be back for a month.. let me know if there's a baby or something in there, so i can get someone to open it

  2. there's a spec ops level where one person plays in the AC-130 whilst the other character kills dudes from the ground.

    going to be awesome.

    did this level on the hardest with my friend.. person on the ground basically kills 5 or 6 people.. person in the gunship takes out 100+

    7 mins to complete, so you gotta keep moving while dudes ambush you

    ps. there are way better levels

    pps. dopest game

  3. You, yes you up there. You ought to just trash your room. Make it look like a pigsty. Like you just don't care. The state of it now just looks like you cleaned up your revolting living space just for this pic.

    Oh and your fit...don't care. Raises little emotion. Yes, you should just buy a TOJ. Might as well put some moneys into the pocket of an individual who knows how to spend it.

    Like i said, you should just soil your shared quarters. Isn't it a 3 bro commune, as such it appears? Can alchemists turn poopoo into diamonds? Oh the woes of poverty. I have seen squats with more character. Nice bed spread haha.

    sup jmatsu

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