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  1. Great jeans, I liked my black 721 pair so much I bought the indigo ones. The new heavy hoodies are great too, the outer is kind of stiff almost like a shell and then the soft lining is super dense - probably my favourite over Strike Gold, McCoy, Loopwheeler, Warehouse, Left Field.

  2. E2DA6641-F051-46F5-94E7-B0C5F5D9F80F-2189-0000017A27FC9D63.jpg

    Fullcount 2102. I had bookmarked this on Rakuten a long time ago, when the exchange rate changed in my favour I couldn't resist, lucky as it was the last one and now sold out!

    Been wearing it constantly since receiving on Monday including sitting at my desk in work. My colleagues are loving my new . . . . blue neck!

  3. My Lot 10 measured tag size when raw, which was my actual waist size. After a hot soak they were pretty tight (read too small) in the waist but stretched out with no problem.

    Now, with my actual waist 1-2" bigger, they are still comfortable in the waist.

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