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  1. Sorry haven't been here for a while,

    I'm trying to sell my 1 month old Nudie Grim Tim Dry Black Selvedge,

    is there a place where I can sell off my jeans to Singaporeans?

    Like a selling thread for Singaporeans?

    Easier to deal locally ya..

  2. yeah i go to clancy's all the time. one of the top tailors for me; guess you can't not trust em if hugo boss and agnes B trusts em right?

    nice to know that they can do good crotch busts. never had that problem to solve.

    not only was i impressed by their workmanship, unlike dr. john at lucky plaza, they don't take 6 months to do the job.

  3. hi fellas,

    just wanna share my PBJ patch job done at 'clancy' a tailor @ far east plaza.

    sorry i didnt get a name card, might have got the spelling wrong.

    its located at level four of far east plaza.

    next to 77 street.






  4. imperial dukes - med to high rise, slim straight size down 1

    PBJ 005 - low rise, slim straight true size

    nudie grim tim (black) - med rise, slim tapered leg, small leg opening size down 2

  5. to all fellow denim heads based in singapore.

    there's been lots of talk about places for hemming.

    right now i need a recommendation to get my pure blue patched up.

    some holes developed in the crotch area and i think its a good idea to patch it up before it reveals all.

    any recommendations fellas?

  6. alex_844, not so sure if its due to the stiffness cos i got mine one wash and they didnt come that stiff. besides, the dukes i own used to be rock hard when but after 6 months the crotch still holds.

    i think it's due to the rise being low and maybe inferior stitching?

    repairing seems like the right thing to do but doing it at 3 months in sounds nearly insane. damn..

  7. hey Mr M. , got the same problem here.

    mine went off at two months too and i've been wearing them for a month with the hole in the crotch.

    i got my pair straight from Japan and its not convenient at all to send them back there for repairs.

    Anybody with such experience and went on without repairs?

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