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  1. Has anyone been following the Hardrock100 coverage? I have been obsessively following it since yesterday morning. Amazing race this year. Kilian killed it and now holds the course record going in both directions. He cut close to an hour off the previous course record - and that included getting lost in whiteout conditions at one point.


    The women's battle between Anna Frost and Darcy Piceu was even more exciting. Anna took a lead into the 82 mile mark when the 3 time champion overtook her. Anna seemed done but her team spent 20 minutes at the station getting her going again. Anna left 30-40 minutes behind only to catch and pass the champ and take first place. 


    One of our local racers, Adam Campbell, ran the first half in front with Kilian but ended up losing him in the whiteout and ultimately finished in third place. 


    It was definitely a race worthy of the Hardrock legend. 


  2. On the same street as Stone Island you have Machine A, which sells Cav Empt, and just over the road from Stone Island you have Maharishi, which has an awesome store.


    Was there week before last and Machine A are completely sold out of any CE. The Stone Island store has a sale on remaining Shadow pieces but there was not much left.

  3. damn, so much to read. came across a spread from the latest afterlife with archie and it is completely nuts, had to cop. B)


    I read one of the Afterlife issues but it didn't really excite me. Can someone explain to me how they already have a series about Archie when he is dead and they are only now just getting around to actually killing him in his regular comic?


    @exterminatingphantom: I find Trees intriguing and am giving it time to see where it is going. Will let you know.


    BTW - I also went back and read the first few arcs of Brian Woods' run on Conan at Dark Horse and enjoyed it.

  4. Agreed on the latest Moon Knight - issue 3 with his armour for fighting the dead was good.


    I have been reading (in no order of preference) Trees, Saga, The Mercenary Sea, East of West, Shutter, Silver Surfer, Dead Body Road, Black Science, Zero, Rat Queens, Lazarus, COWL, Hacktivist, Nowhere Men, Pretty Deadly, Prophet, The Star Wars and assorted Marvel comics.


    I recently read my way through the entire extended Mignolaverse - through every BRPD, Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson, Sledgehammer 44, Witchfinder and also Baltimore.


    Oh ya and some graphic novels like Daytripper, DE: Tales, Jan's Atomic Heart, Blacksad and Normandy.


    There are others but that gives you an idea.

  5. Looking for casual/dress shorts that are made of nylon or something similar, Florida heat kills me and I'm usually walking around campus all day, is Outlier my only option for something that doesn't look Mil-spec like TAD Gear?


    Latepass but I really like the Veilance shorts they added this season. I have the cargoes and am waiting for the Voronois and have been very happy with them. Clean design as is expected of Veilance. They have the seam taping of the pants mentioned above. Can't say enough about them.

  6. Seriously WTF this isnt a sales thread. Its supposed to be about AV product and not for people to unload 2nd hand kit.


    Agreed. Please keep sales posts in the Market otherwise infractions will have to start being handed out and no one wants that. At least I doubt it.

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