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  1. Those are the 5th Anniversary jean, coming out the last week of May.

    Limited to 500 pairs worldwide, the denim is insane.

    Imagine IH's denim, but heavier, with more character, and ages in a very intense way with lots of contrast and variations.

    It's also not pliable like IH's regular selvedge denim, it's extremely rigid.

    Put me down for 1 of these bad boys. I hope they fade a little faster than the 634S.

  2. After months of struggling with IH 634S to show results, these are way on the opposite side of the fading spectrum. No biking to help with my 3 weeks, just sitting on my ass working on computers and driving.

  3. Iron Heart denim does fade really slow compared to pretty much every other company out there. There has been way more progress in a lot less time with my other pairs of jeans. I've been wearing the 634S religiously for about 6 months. I've done about two cold soaks and 1 machine wash.

  4. Picked up the 55s. I can wait to see how they are in person. :mad: to the rest of you that cleaned up the rest of the Sugar Cane goods at Attic.

    BTW, I've been trying to search the treads on the fit of the 55s and couldn't find much. Anyone know how they fit in comparison to say the Okinawas?

  5. 3sixteen-denim-preview-5.jpg

    I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with 3Sixteen. They are based out of NYC and have a decent clothing line that will now add this SL Series denim. Looks like they put together a decent product. The SL-100x (Indigo) and the SL-200x (Black) are constructed of unwashed Japanese selvedge denim with each pair is cut and hand sewn in the USA. Details include custom gunmetal rivets and shanks and aleather patch is handcrafted in Portland by Tanner Goods. Releases later this month. More pics here


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