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  1. jeez people hating on the new eras. theres nothing wrong with them unless ur a skinny person that wears alot of the well, skinny designer clothes alot of people have here, i know so many people that pull em off just fine if they are wearing the right type of clothes.

  2. hey, so i am gonna be buying about $350 worth of stuff from Karmaloop.com, i was just wondering if anyone has ever experianced any problems with them payment wise, shipping, taxes and all that kind of stuff. thanks

  3. red bandanna. <3



    i like it.

    i like it too, but i think its also the person who wears it too make it look good, ;)


    You know i dont usually do this but....the pillars andair max deluxe i got for my chica


    i like the syracuse ones.

  4. calm down man, just crackin a joke.

    i am calm, just gets kind of frustrating seeing how some people here look like complete idiots to normal standards then i wear what i wear and almost everyone i know says its sweet. then abunch of people on the internet constantly say it sucks and how im a ameteur for wearing jeans from a boardshop.

    "no hate, but then what made you come on this board if you can only get whats in your area?"

    im 17, i cant goto that many places, i goto livestock and complex quite abit but thats just when im downtown which im not very much. i live in Vancouver which is a very water/mountain dominated city, so the clothing here is alot of snowboard/skateboard brands, i wear that too just thought id pick up some other types of things.

    "knuck if you buck!"

    no idea what that meant. :confused:

    "Holla- either way, they're Imperial Kings, available at Selfedge (www.selfedge.com) and Context (www.contextclothing.com). The sweater is a basic waffle crew from Gap. Perhaps I should start posting brands."

    thanks dude.

  5. DSC03691.jpg
    ^^^^^ never seen Imperials...? amateur. stop wearing volcom jeans and get some real denim

    o sorry dude, sorry i wear shit that my mom gets me for my birthday, i cant even legally drive yet and im not gonna waste my money to get a bus downtown and buy really expensive jeans, the only reason i got my LRG stuff is cause the store was by the tattoo place i went too. and shit it was just a question, no need to be a ass and say the shit i get isnt real. its what i like.

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