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  1. italy :: rome :: general

    Rent a scooter or vespa and explore the city and outskirts like a local... seeing all the hot women from behind isn't bad either!
  2. china :: beijing :: general

    Have dinner or a drink at Lan Club in the LG building. Completely over the top interior design by Philippe Starck... has to be seen.
  3. thailand :: bangkok :: general

    In the lounge at Narita now... heading to BKK for new years week. Been to thailand a bunch of times, but only for the beaches and scuba. Have a friend working in bkk now, so will finally get to see what's up... mainly eating, drinking and shopping... will definitely hit Siam Paragon!
  4. Shanghai or Taipei?

    Just back from Taipei and wow... they are really getting closer and closer to Tokyo in terms of style and culture. Tons of shops from Japan (Mitsukoshi, Tokyu Hands, Muji, etc.) all over Taipei and since Mitsukoshi owns so much property, they brought over lots of Japanese restaurants (Momo Paradise...) to fill out the retail spaces. That whole Neo19? bldg near 101 was pretty cool... besides Room18, they had a bunch of stylin lounge/bar/restaurant spaces like Barcode, inHouse and Person that we checked out. The girls are stylin the Japanese fashion sense too... much more so than what I've seen in Shanghai... I'm not saying Taipei is Tokyo... because nothing compares to Tokyo... but Taipei is more than a step ahead of Shanghai...
  5. Disintegration - The Cure Substance - New Order 0898 - The Beautiful South The Low End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest Give Up - The Postal Service Catch-22 - Joseph Heller Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami The Beach - Alex Garland
  6. best combos

    raw oysters + beer fresh sushi + sake blue cheese stuffed olives + vodka
  7. luxury/designer/premium cigarettes

    Nat Sherman's 'Hint of Mint' cigarettes are nice. Friends bring 'em in by the cube since they don't sell them here.
  8. What'd you do last night?...

    Hosted potluck bounenkai at my apt. Dranks lots. Did a white elephant gift exchange. Watched Talledega Nights. Passed out on the couch while watching NFL Game Pass.
  9. taiwan and japan

    I heard Ageha (Japan) opened up a club in Taipei... anyone been yet? Gonna be visiting this weekend...
  10. Monocle magazine

    Lucky for me my friend works for a PR firm that is connected with Monocle's Tokyo bureau, so she snags me a free copy from her office every month. Definitely beyond your normal commute reading. Also saw the Monocle x Porter bags for sale in Daikanyama... very nice.
  11. Dallas vs Philadelphia

    Big fat ZERO fantasty points from Romo this week... thanks.
  12. Five Fave Beers

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Suntory Super Premium Malts Westmalle Tripel Duvel John Smith's
  13. What do you buy your family members for Xmas?

    The women (mom, sis, etc.) in my family usually like photos... Not many people print out photos anymore, so if you print one out, put it in a nice frame or make a calendar / scrap book using one of the online photo sites or something like that. For the guys... we usually do something sports related. Tickets to an nfl/mlb/nba/nhl game, tee time for golf, etc...
  14. i am legend

    If we liked the movie, should we read the book? I liked the movie in general, but wanted more story development regarding the Dark Seekers. Will Smith was great.
  15. Digital SLRs?

    Just bought the Canon 40D plus EF-S 17-85 IS USM lens as a kit yesterday. Yodobashi camera (Akihabara) is having a special xmas sale, so the price and timing could not be beat.