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  1. Even if I dropped out, it saddens me to see this stll not having started. We recently talked about how Samurai doesn't seem to care for foreign markets that much at all. I kind of respect them for that (keeping it real and all, yo), but leaving DC4 and you guys hanging in the ropes like that still kinda sucks.

    I hope it's more of an intercultural communication problem and not just a sugarcoated "fuck off" as b_F said, but somehow I feel like it's time to get mad and be all like "You know what, we'll do that with somebody who actually cares!" ;( Even if this wouldn't be wise, I know. Just saying.

  2. I feel you guys and I must admit that my heart bled a little when I cut the sleeves off. But they were just too damn tight and I still wanted to keep the jacket badly. Now I can wear it and personally I can live with the looks. To me that's better than to just leave it hanging in the closet or sell it off.

  3. So, I did cut off the sleeves and while I'm not 100% happy with the result, it's at least wearable now. Might take it to a tailor at some point because closed the fit is a bit awkward and the cut off is a bit too ghetto for the look of the jacket.



  4. Look what I found while thrifting......










    A bit too snug for me, thinking about turning it into a west maybe. Wonderful denim and I like the details...

  5. Hard to follow Mike with his top notch belt, but here is my humble belt:

    From this


    (pic from the ebay seller)

    to this




    (my pics, 1 month of wear, treated with olive oil three times)

  6. Evisu international Lot. 0002, sniped on ebay for 50 bucks. Didn't expect much, but I actually like the rather wide cut and all the details (crotch rivet, hidden rivets, buckle belt). Don't know anything about this particular model, but from what I can gather it should be No. 3 denim. The feel is pretty sturdy and I like them a lot.

    For now only fit pics, detailed shots by the end of the week (need some close-up adapters for my fixed lens compact, no macro mode). These were basically new when I got them, no whiskers, no fades, just a few marks where the previous owner cuffed them. This is about 1 week of daily wear, with nothing much to show but the fit. I might need a hem, but I'm gonna sit this one out for a while:



    sdim05517hoc9.jpgedit: I removed the gulls as far as I could. They were made of some kind of rubber or something (?) which was easy to peel off.

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