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  1. same sentiment here, I've been riding armadillos for three years in NYC. I wouldn't have had to replace a single tire if it wasn't for super sweet skidzz.

  2. the commentary about him punching like Nate Diaz was surprisingly acurate..I liked his fight a lot. also: as the internet pointed out, Randleman just had his 10th loss in 13 fights since 2003.

  3. Just saw Gergiev conduct Stravinsky with the new york philharmonic. He did Renard and Histoire du Soldat. Alec Baldwin was the narrator for Histoire du Soldat and honestly the 'modern' text wasn't as good as some older ones I've heard. After listening to Gergiev Conduct Mahler's 2nd Symphony, I was surprised at how laid back he was yesterday; my take: these pieces aren't particularly difficult, and musicians of that caliber can make their way through it without a conductor. I think he was just letting them do their own thing, respectfully. Anyways, I very much enjoyed the performance. I just wish the Cimbalom was easier to hear in Renard; I suppose there are always problems with dynamics.

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