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  1. Summer is here and I am trying to move to Africa, but my rag and bones badly need mending. I don't have the cash for a new pair of Skulls or Samurai before I go so I need to find a competant repair artist. This is not the kind of thing I wanna leave to am's. I need to replace one of the pockets and mend a 1" sq. hole from my cell. Maybe a little crotch reinforcing too this biking has been maybe a little too much for them.

    I will be in the above cities this month. Any SF suggestions?

    I'll post pics tomorrow if anyone is interested.

  2. I like the Zip series because they don't flex like a lot of traditional longboards. They are actually 7ply boards created for transport and pool skating.

    I wish I had a spare pair of indy's lying around just so I could hit up some bowls with the thing. Really created to bring the "toy" aspect of skateboarding. A sort of tip of the hat to the simple fun we experienced as kids. I get the impression that simplicity is an undercurrent in most off what Gonzales does, the Zips included.

  3. think randall 150's would be to small for the krooked deck?

    If you buy the Zip Zinger maybe not. But if you decide on the wider variety or any deck that is not super slim you may regret it. Wider is more versitile. Wheel-bite while carving is like nails on a chalkboard IMO. But if you go with them let me know how it turns out. Post some pics of your setup.

  4. how about some recommendations for a nice cruiser type deck. not really a cruiser but something that would be good all around and that i could take in a cement park once in a while. i liked the looks of nicholas's jay adams on the first page and i was also thinking of the krooked zipzinger.

    so what do you recommend?

    I've just retired a mid-nineties SC old school deck and replaced it with a Krooked Zip Zagger (the wide Zip model). I love my new setup. I'm living in Chicago (flat) and really never got too into traditional longboards. I really just do enjoy crusing and carving bombing the few little hills I find. I've been using a pair of 180's for years coupled with some nice Bones Swiss and Route 6 62mm softies.

    I really couldn't be happier. The short wheelbase lets me carve really sharp (a must for city dwelling)

    My other setup is a Real gonzoles guest deck over indys with some autobahn 56's spinning on red's.

    Both are nice rides. But I get around on my Krooked.

  5. Its been a minute since I've watched a lot of the footie (any posted someplace?). I remember the first time I saw Rodney, I mean everyone remembers the first time they see him. Maybe not the most virsitile guy, but c'mon, the impact of his skating rivals so many.

    Aside from that I don't really think that Cheese and Crackers really showcases the full extent of either haslam or daewan's abilities. It is a great vid though.

    I think haslam edges out daewon in the end, only because he goes bigger and has more "traditional" skate style. Daewon is too tied to tech and it keeps things small IMO.

  6. Spring brings me back into the comic fold every few years. Just finished the Essential Silver Surfer #1 and the Annihilation Silver Surfer Books. Virtigo's Preludes and Nocturnes of the Sandman. Also blew through Virtigo's The Orbiter; a one-shot deal that pays an homage to NASA.

    Just digging into the Preacher paperbacks. I think that and the Sandman will keep me busy for a couple of weeks.

    Any other suggestions?

    Oh and if there are any other slacking Marvel readers out there they just released Planet X and Universe X in paperback collections. I read them as serials but they're not too bad.

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