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  1. started working out again for the first time in seven months.

    currently a skinny bitch. used to be big(ger).

    currently 5'9 @ 130 lbs. goal is to put on fifteen pounds of pure muscle by the end of december.

    current pictures:



    i guess i'll post "after" pictures whenever it is i hit my goal.

    kunk75: i'm looking at getting some isoflex whey protein isolate and take that shit while on a strictly power lifting regimen. i want to see results fast, but i can't be assed to cook my own meals since i'm up on campus four days a week (without a kitchen) so i'll be on a diet of shitty cafeteria food. what do you think? also, is cardio something that will stop me from seeing quicker gains when all i want is mass?

  2. young and affluent suburban fucks who drive around in their parent's bmw's and benz's.

    they be weed hustlin' in their dom rebel, christian audigier, affliction, whatever else have you steez... likely to be of asian descent.


  3. from "Hova in W+H hoody?" thread:

    This dude has spent more money than any of you will ever earn in your lifetimes, has shopped in probably every single country on the planet, and has been dressing in stylish and expensive clothing since you were in the 2nd grade. Fuck off with the thinly veiled racial implications of a guy wearing a sweater, fags. While you spend all day on superfuture, this guy gets out of his Scrooge McDuck money-filled swimming pool and has naked ladies feed him gourmet food, and when he checks his mail it is filled with the clothing you masturbate about on the internte, sent to him for free by the people who make it in hopes that he might wear it in a picture that is posted online.

    You guys are out of your fucking minds, f'rilla.

    i need to retract something. Jay-Z does not check his mail. Memphis Bleek checks Jay-Z's mail.
    like wolves said, thats what stylist get paid to do. this shit should be a no brainer.

    okay. his stylist is a lady. your stylist is the fucking internet.

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