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  1. word. Five Deez is crucial, they kill it from the instrumentals to the vocals two at a time. and while you're at it, check out Fat Jon's work in Samurai Champloo, some truly sick beats.

  2. Since when is APC "street"? I just read that APC is being posted on Hypebeast blogs too. What gives? APC is the new LV?

    When I indicate the label as 'street' that means that's how I wear it. The label itself may not be 'street' so to speak, but whenever I wear APC, I do so in a streetwear manner; so it's a 'me' thing.

    I would say that, any label no matter how formal, when worn in a certain way, can be taken out of their original context.

  3. the jeans look more akin to the black whiskered jean model 'released' during the 'follow me' collection. the look is quite different between the two ('follow me' vs. 'f/w 06')... i own both and i'd say the earlier collections carry a much more distinct wash than those released during the current collection.

    though rakuten states that the picture is an accurate representation of the actual jean, i wouldn't be suprised if they turn out a lil' darker when seen in person.

  4. - 128 kbps mp3's

    - Bad breath

    - Bapy

    - Bitches

    - Cheap Monday

    - Cheap suits

    - Chunky dress shoes

    - Clogs

    - CLOT (sorry, but Edison's whack)

    - D&G

    - DSquared2

    - Dull lectures

    - Financial & Managerial Accounting

    - Hype

    - Lindsay Lohan

    - Loud bitches

    - My boss

    - My finance professor

    - Prada Sport

    - Religious extremists

    - Self-labeled 'metrosexuals'

    - Stinky vaginas (as mentioned before)

    - Uber-trendy shit

    - Versace diffusion lines

    - Waking up

    ... among other things


  5. Undercover Co. by Jun Takahashi One-Button Blazer (S/S 05' 'Arts & Crafts')

    Black wool felt blazer (peak-lapel) by designer Jun Takahashi (Undercover Co.) sz.3 (equivelant to M in Japan, however, this piece in particular was cut much skinnier and therefore fits similar to a slim 46).

    Worn lightly less than 10 times, the jacket is in very good condition. It is made in Japan and bears an uncanny resemblence to any Dior Homme one-button blazer (though of course with slight variations such as a beautiful raw cut and a slouchier fit) from Slimane's earlier collections.

    The original retail price from North American stockists (as Atelier NY, Richard Kidd, etc.) was $1100, though my own asking price is $380 USD (incl. worldwide shipping).

    I have included a picture below with myself in the jacket. For reference, I am 5'9 and 135 lbs, or you can refer to the following measurements.

    Armpit to armpit: 43 cm

    Length of jacket: 70 cm

    Length sleeves: 67 cm

    Shoulder to shoulder: 41.5 cm


    Please e-mail me @ [email protected] if you have any more questions.



  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342