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  1. I got 100's of refs and 100% positive feedback everywhere. Let me know if you need more pics. Looking to move these fast!

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    AIM: drckdng

    e-mail: [email protected]

  2. Whoa,

    Forgot I posted this, lol.

    Basically, I listened to my friend's iPod and compared it to my iRiver H320 and my iRiver H320 beat the hell out of it in sound quality.

    I have Shure buds and I just find iPod's audio quality average to say the most.

    My H320's battery has deaded on me and I even tried replacing it but I failed (Damn my horrible repairing skills).

    I was looking at a Meizu and have lost numerous auctions at the last second (Damn my horrible bidding skills).

  3. i think your paper will suck. stereotypes arent proof of anything, and even your stereotypes seem contrived. if you submitted that paper to me i would give it back to you after reading the first 50 words. theres defiantely an argument to be found about asians in north america lacking cultural identity but your way off base with these assumptions that are made largely on stereotypes maybe only you beleive to be true.

    I am not writing this paper for a class, rather a paper for general knowledge and opinion. A statement perhaps if you would like to call it that.

    I am well aware that it is impossible to create fact through opinion and stereotypes due to the subjectivity of each.

    And I am writing this paper on ONE ASPECT of cultural identity in America. I am not basing the entire fact off fashion, rather, a part that contributes toward the perception of Asians-Americans.

  4. Thank you, sir. Nice portfolio.

    I just wanted to add a last thought I forgot to mention.

    It may sound shallow to base the search off cultural identity off of what people wear, but appearance is no doubt the first thing one recognizes when walking down the street.

    As much as we would like to deny it, appearance allows a person to pre-judge the character of a person based on what they wear.

    By dressing a certain way, an Asian person, for example, can "blend in" in American society and MAYBE be accepted as a human being who also speaks fluent English and not some stereotypical bad driving, funny accented, short kid who can figure out your Calculus homework for you.

    Of course, our society has only been fully racially enriched for less than 50 years so I am not saying this is how things will be.

    Once the 2nd and 3rd generation Asian-Americans flood the country, we will see which direction the Asian culture is going.

  5. I'm about to write a paper about this actually.

    In my opinion, it's a search for cultural identity in America.

    As we here at ST, we understand that Japanese are innovators of many fashion styles and trends. However, this is not apparent to the billions of people that do not see Asians as so.

    Therefore, these hypebeasts lining up at Supreme are predominantly Asian because without the shoes and hats and clothes, they would not have a unique cultural niche in society.

    Let's take white people for example. Stereotypically, we think of American Eagle or Abercrombie with flip flops or Superstars.

    Black people now. Stereotypically speaking: baggy jeans, tall tee and a fitted T with all white Air Force Ones or Jordans.

    Asian people (IN AMERICA I must add)... hmm....

    Also I think that's why Asians have adopted this "urban" style (baggy jeans, LRG, fitted hats, Jordans, SB's, etc) because even though it's sort of biting off of "black" people's style, it gives them an identity.

    The same can be said about Asians who wear all Abercrombie or AE. They dress like white people and say they are "white-washed" and therefore re-emphasizing the point that this is not their cultural style.

    Please note that I am Asian and do not mean to offend any races with this post. I have friends of all races and discuss this matter normally with them.


  6. I want to buy the Copy "Attached" hoody and was wondering how the brand fit.

    I wear skinnier legged jeans like many of you and don't want this giant drooping hoody on me.

    I'm 6'0" 175 lbs.

    There's no size guide where I'm buying it from so I was hoping some of you have bought from them.


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