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    Just back to USA from Bangkok, central Laos & Vietnam.
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    Things I can't afford.
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    Too many short-term contracts in remote parts of Asia.
  1. Alden Boots - Bk 10.5 C/E

    The RedWing GTs are sold, but these are still hoping to find a home. Make an offer!
  2. RedWing Bk Cherry GT 9.5D

    SOLD! Thank you.
  3. Alden Boots - Bk 10.5 C/E

    These are essentially new. Worn only a couple times and then into storage. Make an offer.
  4. RedWing Bk Cherry GT 9.5D

    Last bump. I was sure someone here would jump on these. No? Make an offer.
  5. RedWing Bk Cherry GT 9.5D

    Price drop. Give these a nice home! US$110 + $15 postage (CONUS) (PayPal personal preferred)
  6. Alden Boots - Bk 10.5 C/E

    Price drop. Priced to move. US$100 + $15 postage (CONUS) (PayPal personal preferred)
  7. Alden Boots - Bk 10.5 C/E

    These need a good home.
  8. RedWing Bk Cherry GT 9.5D

    bump for the late night crew
  9. Alden Boots - Bk 10.5 C/E

    See the RedWing Cherry GTs. They're 9.5!
  10. Alden Boots - Bk 10.5 C/E

    Alden Boots Bk 10.5 C/E Can’t remember the model. These have the soft sole. Very, very little wear. I bought ‘em, wore them very briefly, found them to be too big, and into storage they went. Very clean, inside and out. Size 10.5 C/E. The width is good for me, but one size too long. US$130 + $15 postage (CONUS) (PayPal personal preferred)
  11. RedWing Bk Cherry GT 9.5D

    RedWing Bk Cherry GT 9.5D These are several years old, but have been in storage in the Mom’s basement for most of that time. I got these when still trying to figure out the right size. I’m a 10E. These are either a generous 9.5 or a tight 10. They are D. I could wear them with light sport socks and no foot pad. I love them, but I just need the larger size. SO… These photos are taken in the basement w/flash or neon light. You know the color. They are in excellent condition. Very clean inside, as I always wore clean socks and these only saw very short distance. Some images to be found include hanging these out a Huey over Afghanistan. US$130 + $15 postage. (CONUS) (PayPal personal preferred)
  12. ETERNAL 811 Contest 10/10/10 - 12/12/12

    A littered thread, indeed. I've been on this board nearly 4 years, and I've never been censored before. Nor have I ever felt like this was a board ruled by such a stupid mindset. My post was up for, what?, an hour? What confusion? I didn't see any "confusion". What self-righteous and self-serving bullsh*t! And I Did ask just how different the denim would be. The photos posted don't show much. This is petty censorship, and I've lived under real dictatorships (Burma & Laos), not to mention more authoritarian regimes (Thailand under Thaksin, Vietnam, etc.) When I run up against their crap rules, I expect it. Here? What crap. If you (or who ever serves as Torquemada here) really felt it was so confusing, you should have ASKED me to remove the images. THAT would have been reasonable. My question was no more off than 99% of the other "litter" here. Censorship, because you think it might be confusing to the high school kids here, is unacceptable. Period.
  13. ETERNAL 811 Contest 10/10/10 - 12/12/12

    I see. So when did Big Brother decide that people here have to be so protected that an alternate denim from the same house is offensive -- or beyond their ability to understand? The images clearly showed the tags. Censorship sucks. Especially petty, anal-retentive, controlling censorship.
  14. ETERNAL 811 Contest 10/10/10 - 12/12/12

    Okay. Now I'm confused. I posted images of an earlier Eternal denim. We're told Eternal doesn't like to change much, and how it took major efforts to get the small details for the contest. I thought it interesting to contrast the rather amazing Eternal denim used in their 10th Anniversary jeans. It's just a comparison of Eternal to Eternal. I thought it an interesting contribution. Call it food for thought, or whatever. Okay, so I understand it isn't the same denim as we'll see in the contest jean, BUT is this reason to delete the post? Why is this?
  15. Samurai Jeans

    Leonard: Very Sweet. What jeans should look like. Question: I'm hunting for a decent Black Samurai jean, other than the S5000BK. Somehow, I just missed seeing the Black Knights until they were sold out. I was doing the FC contest, or just not looking at the BIG site during that window. Sigh. Those are exactly what I want. Anyone know if any other black Samurai is in the works? I think the 710 cut is good, but anything that isn't low or even low to mid rise. Even the S5000 cut isn't that good for my (somewhat too chubby) ass. Any news appreciated. P.S. - Congrats to this thread for 1,000 pages!!!!