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  1. i think this may be it, after a good 6 months of knowing that we should break up, and trying to break up, but getting back together, and having moments where you think its gonna work, but slip into old habits and know you're fucked..

    i think this might be the clean break.

    fucking blows too.

    dont wanna study for my CA...just wanna snuggle in bed. fml.

    must. stay. busy!

  2. oh man haha. that running headfirst into pole story is too good.

    just got out of a 1.5 year relationship with a super hottie, who was also super insecure. drove me fucking mad. id be like "why the fuck you so insecure about your looks when guys always be pickin you up?"

    anyway, we were watching black swan, and she said i was watching natalie portman touch herself too "intently"...

  3. ive lost 6kg since getting my appendix removed, feeling so physically, mentally, and emotionally (same thing?) weak right now.

    been going through my whole train suicide thoughts again. which train line, which platform, what im wearing, when i jump, revisiting my death from different angles.

    being such a selfish bitchass. everything else in my life is going great.

  4. i got trigger happy and ordered a piece from that jewellery collabo they did a while back for my girl, never got anything so just opened a paypal dispute and got my money back. didnt reply none of my emails or nothing.

    while i do like some of the designs, i would say that if the shoes do come, it'll be pretty late

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