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  1. if i couldn't get a rural area, I would try to take over a top floor of a hotel or something. There is only a few ways in and they could be blocked with a little work. plus a lotta room to move around in there.

    yep but at some point you got to get down to re-up some stuff (food, medicine, bitches, talismans...) then you're exposed

  2. my entire weekend turned out awesome

    special thanks to the internet on Friday, specifically Dino_might, Doctorworm, Icarus, Habia, Fookums, and most importantly, Westside

    <3 ya'll

    on another note: I hate having to be between a rock and a hard place right now...

    and jesus christ I have not done any schoolwork in like a week. Shit.

    WHO DAT BE?!

  3. . Although it is acceptable for one to enjoy his lady (or man) friend selflessly offering their anus for pleasure, just know that there must be reciprocal sacrificing--not always sexual, it could be watching horrendous movies or hanging out with their family.


  4. Here's the story behind the $300 suit;

    The suit is pure bespoke, although I had the pants knocked off the Jil Simons trousers again with the same deletion of the Raf details. Zipper fly, less decorative stitching, conventionally flashed pockets.

    The jacket was 100% bespoke, from no pattern. I had told the tailor I wanted something with a low button stance (that first button is on my navel), high armholes, slim arms. I'm about 80% on the fit of the jacket, the arms are really slim in person, because I told him to slim them down at the first fitting (I did two fittings). That is also why the backs of the sleeves and armpits are bunching weirdly, I guess he didnt adjust everything well after I had him adjust the sleeve width.

    Korean tailors are really fond of extreme suppression in the jacket sides, I guess he didn't take into account that I'm extremely skinny and don't need the same suppression that these fat old barrel chested guys get.

    I told him I wanted something slim, and I guess he may have also been thinking Dior Homme, while I was thinking more like Raf FW09/10.

    The whole suit is Super 120's wool, a Korean-made grey flannel. It has a nice hand, a normal sheen, and drapes smoothly.

    The jacket is full floating canvas, the cuffs are 3 working buttons each, I had the lapel hole deleted. 2 1/4" lapels. Very subtle pitckstitch on the jacket. Felted under the collar, which isn't normally done here. That's about all I asked for.

    I've given the suit a test run outside for an hour or so, it broke necks, so I guess it fits nicely and looks good in the flesh.

    The Korean won is trash money right now, so it was 500,000W, about $315, 325 nowadays. Last year it would've been like $550, but it was just a matter of the exchange rate being good for me.

    I'm probably gonna make this same suit again, in a better fabric, in navy. I'll get the back of the sleeves/sleeve width sorted better next time, and get the jacket a bit wider in the sides. Maybe set the button stance even lower and go single button, and I think I'll have exactly what I want. For $300 again.

    Banana Republic can't touch this, for any price.

    thanks for the hookup

    while talkin suits what do you think about that?


    deal? rip-off?

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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