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  1. in april, i'll be moving from paris to london for 12 to months for work.

    so i need you people to advise me on :

    - where to live? where to look for furnished rentals / roommates?

    - where to go out

    - what are the deals with metrocards, mobile phones etc...

    basically i will address my questions into this thread as they arise, but you are more than welcome to freely contribute



  2. i'm not totally comfortable with last nights party...pics provided are always great stuff...but i'm suspecting almost fake parties over there i mean every party the photographer gets in people gets naked....or maybe there's something i don't get

  3. first generation : time bomb, lunatic, x-men, la rumeur

    right now : b2o, aelpeacha (+driver, papillon...), ghetto fab

    to me there's no french equivalent to gucci mane, he's just plain stupid genius, its french equivalent should emerge in one or two years

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