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  1. Nike x APC shoes for sale all sizes

    i need a size 10. +++ money to be made.
  2. Movies that Make You Tear Up

    dancer in the dark & failan
  3. Chain stitching in San Francisco?

    I went to Jaime's last week to get my 811 chainstitched. I called, they said yes we chainstitch. I go there and ask for a chainsitich. I got them back, but they were only regularly stitched. The lady told me that they didn't have that type of sewing machine that sewed that pattern. What the f?
  4. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    kiya- When do you expect the sugar cane 45s to be coming in?
  5. FS or trade: Imperial Duke 32

  6. FS or trade: Imperial Duke 32

    Don't make me sell these no 30s huh?
  7. SOLD Measurements: hem: 8" inseam: 36" waist: 16.5" front rise: 12" back rise: 14.25" thigh: 12" knee: 8.5"
  8. WTT: imperial duke 32

    wanted for trade is a pair of imperial duke indigo raw 30 or 31 for my 32. My pair is too loose so Im looking for a tighter pair. I've only worn them in the house for a day. I will try to post some pics tommorow.
  9. What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    what kinda vans are these? I couldnt find any vans porter