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  1. yo, i think the other steve said that he sent out a patch kit before we left for manchester, so i hope he sent it out to you, did you email him?

    lemme know and i'll get it taken care of

    just got it, thx man

    DAMN, thats a huge roll of denim too.

  2. i like them somewhat. after buying them and wearing them for a while i realized they're just too skinny for me, i can't wear something soooo tapered. i mean they look fine but whatever.

    however they are good jeans. i wore mine maybe 2-3 times a week for about 4 months, washed them a couple of times. anyway i hadnt worn them in like a month (winter break) and accidentally washed them with all my clothes, and when they came out they had some honeycomb fading. nothing BRUTAL but they had some, and considering how little i used them and the fact that they weren't dry, i think thast pretty good. i think if you wear them more regularly, maybe 4 times a week they'll get some nice fading even if they're a wash model.

  3. yo i've got a problem. i've had my hiro itos for about a month, wearing them often. now generally all my jeans get like, this line below the left pocket, at about a 30 degree angle from the inside to the outside. i guess because of the way i sit or something, but that area seems to get more wear than any other area in my jeans. my old sliqs and levis 511s have it. ANYWAY ive had these jeans for a month and today i noticed that they're actually getting a hole there. im afraid that this hole's gonna get bigger, and i'm afraid that the entire line (it's a little larger than the pocket) is gonna become a hole, effectively ruining almost new jeans.

    my question is how da fuck do i fix this. am i supposed to like sew something inside or what da fuck. GOD.

  4. hey, i'm trying to look for restaurants / eateries in chicago that are somewhat cozy and quirky. i'm not that concerned about the price, just not a place that's way too sophisticated / adult (and when i say 'sophisticated' and 'adult' i just mean full of rich yuppie assholes) and thats either offbeat or somewhat, i dunno, homely. i live here so i'm just looking for places that would be cool to go to constantly. coffehouses work too. THNX

  5. the strokes - is this it?

    the blood brothers - burn piano island, burn

    the mountain goats - the sunset tree

    the mars volta - frances the mute

    peter bjorn & john - writer's block

    jens lekman - when i said i wanted to be your dog

    boards of canada - geogaddi

    godspeed you black emperor - lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven

    radiohead - kid a

    ryan adams - heartbreaker

  6. ive been wearing something like this


    but in green for a couple of months. i need something else, to at least have some rotation b/c c'mon. i'm looking for caps that AREN'T flat, like those ones most people are using now, and that have a relatively long brim.

    i liked this one, for instance:



  7. i bought a pair of rinsed hiro itos about 3 weeks ago. i haven't used them that much but i'm on vacation and they're the only jeans i brought with me so they get a couple hours of use daily.

    two things though. first, are they not supposed to stretch at all? they feel as tight as when i got them. maybe even tighter. my nads were gettin' the hurt yesterday.

    and second, they haven't gotten any honeycombs or anything. the back of the jeans looks almost exactly like the front. is this normal, because of the material or something?

  8. how much do these stretch? I tried a pair on yesterday. They were 28, which was the lowest the store had. They fit pretty well (pretty tight on the crotch though). Are they gonna stretch TOO MUCH, cuz I tried some in 29 and those didn't feel as good.

    I'd probably be washing them relatively often, btw.

  9. yeah i never understood why people want their jeans to fade quickly. if i spend good money on denim i want them to last and i like enjoying that raw color for as long as possible.

    the problem is the raw color goes after a while and then they just kinda look bland.

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