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  1. (Double or triple) cuffing changes the silhouette as well as a too long & stacked pair. Get the right size & inseam and you'll get the right silhouette imo. The right inseam allows a single cuff while still getting enough stacking (works at least good for me).

    My actual measured inseam is 29". So should i go for a tagged size length of 32 or 34 to get this effect ?

  2. I can offer this service full time and will check pms on a daily basis so i'm able to offer a fast and reliable service.

    Terms and conditions :

    Price of item + Local shipping + International shipping + 12% fee = Total cost

    All payments to be made through Paypal. My minimum fee is £10

    Fee includes Paypal charges

    Shipping includes full tracking and insurance

    Please check my feedback on sufu as i've sold a few things in the past. I've also sold and proxied on Styleforum.

    Some feedback from styleforum :

    Zodd : I got the navy jacket few days ago. It's amazing. Thanks, modual.

    Pinkpantser : Got mine today, great product. Thanks modual

    Kalanigee : Great jacket by the way. Thanks Modual.

  3. My best fiting jeans (lvc 47 raw) are tagged 32" and measure 32" Big style after many washes and wear. My thighs are about 22" at thickest part. What size should i go for in the 811 for a regular - slim fit ? Thinking a 30 or 31 ?

  4. I suspect because it was an odd question that really has no answer but since you asked for one he gave you one.

    Well i dont think it was an odd question. I just wanted to know if a 1955 cut would work with modern fits as i've never tried them.

  5. Can anyone enlighten me as to why and who decided the 1947 cut is the "quintessential" 501 ? Personally i think they're one of the worst vintage cuts. For me the 1955 is a true vintage 501 cut and is way cooler than the 47. If i buy 47 true to size its too tight and if i size up the waist ends stretching out and the thighs baggy. Rant over

  6. Paul, how did you wash these in order to give them "a harder wash" ?

    For the last few months I've been a bit down on the recent 1947 - almostnice commented his recent ones hadn't kept their indigo as well as his earlier ones, and I was thinking the same.

    WEll, I was wrong. I think they just needed a harder wash, which really brought out the blue. So I'm pretty happy with these now, I think they're about as good as the earlier pair that I sold to beatle. Photobucket seems to lose some of the contrast of the original photo, but this is still reasonably close.


  7. I just got a pair of raw 55's which after soaking are buttoning up fine but feel really tight on the waist. I sized down from a 32, which i wear in 47's, to a 30. Just wondering how much the 55's are likely to stretch in the waist ?

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