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  1. I just recently went with few of my friends to warsaw>krakow>prague in 12 days. It was not enough time since we took trains between these cities. I also know these cities pretty well so there wasn't much of guessing where to eat or party. We did sightseeing during the day and went out every night. We were exhausted after the trip since we didn't sleep much.

    So with all this in mind I think you should rethink your schedule. I would try to be in big cities on the weekends. Make sure you're not on a plane or train on Friday night. Make sure you have all tickets and hotels/hostels booked in advance. You don't want to deal with anything when you arrive in the new city in the middle of the night.

    Are you traveling by planes? Do you have money for hotels, travel or does the $1000 include that? I would shop in Paris and London and just have fun everywhere else.

    ill take ya to a nice hostel.

  2. Well I received my items (jacket and cardigan) from Dex_Star which he bought from Chris but didnt fit him.

    Pet hairs all over jacket.. Probably wouldn't buy from him again.

    Im buying Chris' shit straight from Chris next time. btw Chris was prompt, packaged neatly and of coure no pet hairs.


  3. Well, for every 200 noobs you get a gem....it's part of the process. We did have a golden period of great noobs awhile back though

    A good one was january 2006: DDML, Tweedles, Cultpop

    Rep me people! I need love and reaffirmation!

    yes validate me please..

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