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  1. Picked this up today.


    $37 at my store. Is this about right?

    Drinking this right now. I like the smell, but taste is weak -- a little sour with initial sip and hint of whiskey that dissipates without lingering much. I see no resemblance to an IPA. Each sip's been the same w/ no unique or new flavors that stand out, or one that is dominant and gives it character. Glad I got to try it though since I've tried most BBCs and is one of the breweries that opened me up to craft beer.


    Some easy drinking bottles and Unibroue's grande reserve


  2. @shufon Never got to try the Heady Topper. The local bar had just 8 cans and they ran out pretty much immediately. No word on when they'll get more.

    I got some recent batch of Mean Old Tom from MBC. My local shop received a decent size shipment.

  3. Their Lips of Faith beers are really hit or miss.. miss more often than hit. That being said, I haven't been able to drink for 2 weeks now so I'd probably enjoy anything at this point.

    that's a shame. why not? im enjoying the Stone imperial Russian stout at the moment. pretty good as is, but curious to how it'll age

  4. Apparently, Alchemist recently started distributing Heady Topper to one of my favorite joints in Boston for food and beer, Deep Ellum. I'm hoping my local shop will get a shipment in as well. I imagine I'll like it, but I want to hear from some of you who've tried it.

    In other news: I scored some Speedway Stout today


    Drinking this right now. Collaboration not litigation from Avery and Russian River, Batch #6. Not much carbonation in this Belgian style with sweetness that kind of lingers. I don't know...doesn't do it for me. Probably won't get it again.


  5. having the mean old tom 2011 batch and it's damnn good. def one of the better stouts I had.

    had the 2009 Cuvée Van De Keizer Rood at the bar the other day (on company's tab). very strong belgian but goes down smooth. had 1.5 bottles to start the night and i accidentally stayed out til 1am on a weekday

    Cuvée Van De Keizer Rood6929192696_9253d7fb2c_z.jpg

    and lastly, today's pick-up. the 2 in the right is from idle hands brewery (everett, ma).


    PS: st louis is a great beer town

  6. 6848927635_1283f6109f_b.jpg

    some interesting pickup today

    Slumbrew (a local Somerville brewery) debuted an Imperial Cream Ale. Didn't really like it but their IPA and porter was really good.

    Six Point Resin - hear good things

    Porticus Leipziger Doppel-Porter - should be an interesting taste


    Mystic Cabernet Suavignon Barrel Fermented Saison - Mystic's another local brewery and this cabernet barrel fermented beer is very new addition that I'm excited to try

  7. im in boston. plenty of firestone xv left here at my local store in downtown for $21. the guy at the store really highlighted the fact that brooklyn brewery lowered the price - i probably wont find it cheaper in any store conveniently located to me

  8. Went to a soft opening of Brooklyn Tap House in Clinton Hill area on Friday. Decent size inside and outside seating area (+a firepit outside), and an extensive selection of beers from what I can remember in my drunken stupor. New Yorkers should check it out!

  9. I visited Barismo when I was in Boston over thanksgiving. Very cool little place, the pourover I had was excellent. I also visited CloverFoodLab in Harvard Square, Counter Culture beans were good.

    i vouch for both places for anyone in boston. Barismo is pretty serious about their coffee (e.g., fully washed coffee) -- definitely a worthwhile place to check out. Clover food trucks has the cheapest pourovers I've yet to find (only $2) and they consistently use quality beans (e.g., counter culture), but they're not a coffee shop. thinking cup in downtown is the only coffee shop that exclusively uses stumptown. render coffee is a new place in south end that only has pourover offerings (no drip) using counter culture, and they really know their shit. haven't had atomic in a while but their beans were quality from my memory.

  10. i got food poisoning from fking cochon butcher in new orleans the day before Thanksgiving. felt queasy during plane ride back from new orleans, got off the plane with the vomit bag, headed straight to airport bathroom, and massive diarrhea and vomiting in the bag on same sitting (albeit not simultaneously). never made it to where i was planning to spend thanksgiving the next day bc i was not fit to ride a short bus ride, and all i could eat was a little bit of water at a time for good 36 hrs during thanksgiving -- alone. #saddestthanksgivingever #nevereatingboudinagain

  11. i have seen this one but asian movie with torture scene.. doesn't narrow it down for me either.


    edit: at least I think I've seen it

    I want to keep this going as well. The film may be obscure but definitely identifiable. Several hints:

    • Despite what it looks like, it's not a torture scene, but trying to save him.
    • What's inside is an obvious tool in fishing -- the female protagonist gets herself caught up in a similar (but different) situation as well.
    • Director studied in Paris, and is S.Korean

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