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  1. narin

    miss superfuture 2007

    sl*t and canice. :]
  2. narin

    Wild Swans vs. Red Moon

    very nice. is there any way to get a hold of one in the US?
  3. narin

    What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    i'm usually at 31 and i sized down to a 27. they were skin tight at first at the thigh and i could hardly button them up. they stretched out a bunch in the waist, thighs, and knee. you should really go to the apc thread in superdenim though for more info.
  4. narin

    What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    my first waywt. nothing special aa hoody bdg ringer apc ns nike comments appreciated, be gentle :]
  5. narin

    fs: random stuff

    hey can i see more pics of the converse x varvatos? thanks
  6. narin

    washing question

    hey, i just made the mistake of doing spin cycle the jeans are considerably lighter and they are no longer shiny. the material also seems to have taken some wear and tear. is there anything i can do to revive them? or have i ruined them? haha
  7. narin

    APC denim

    hey guys. I just picked up a pair of new standards and i'm liking them alot. the waist fits very well but since i'm a short guy, the jeans scrunch up a lot by my shoes. i'm not sure whether to leave them or to get them hemmed. let me know what you guys think.
  8. narin

    RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    Thanks for the quick and helpful replies guys. I just discovered these forums the other day and it seems like an awesome community. Does anyone here in particular have these jeans, and if they do, could I bother you to post some pics of the jeans so I can see how they fit on a person? Most of the consensus here is saying that the ebay listing I provided is for the slim cut jean, not the bootcut, although in the picture it looks ike there is a slight bootcut. Thanks again!
  9. narin

    RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    Hey, what's up guys? I've been thinking about getting a pair of RRL's from ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/RALPH-LAUREN-POLO-DOUBLE-RL-RRL-JEANS-185-27-X-30-NWT_W0QQitemZ200013509524QQihZ010QQcategoryZ11483QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem As you can see, the tag says it is 27" but the actual waist is 31". Does this mean that they will shrink to 27" after washing? I want the waist to be around 30-31 but I'm not sure how RRL's fit. Anyone with experience with these know if they stretch? Thanks -Narin