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  1. For sale is a brand new pair of Samurai S5000VX Lot# 15 in size 36. I purchased these from Aikidou in Japan. I am selling because I bought a 35 and 36 and decided to keep the 35. All tags and flasher are attached. They have never been soaked.

    $325 shipped ConUS. PM me for international shipping options.

    Waist: 38

    Front Rise: 11.75

    Cuff: 9.75

    Inseam: 37

    PM me if you have any questions.


    Here is a link for more pictures.

    http://s458.beta.pho... S5000VX Lot 15

    PayPal gift or add 4% for fees.


  2. a 34 or 33. 34 for pretty a more straight fit and 33 for a more slim fit. they stretch quite a bit and come inches bigger in waist.

    Is it the same fit for both the fold-over back pocket and standard back pocket versions?

  3. I'm about to purchase a pair of the Barracuda in raw indigo denim. I wear a 36 in LVC 1947 and Edwin Nashville. What size Barracuda should I buy?


  4. Where can I find a pair of Nashvilles or Greenvilles that were made in Japan. I ordered a pair from the UK and they were made in Tunisia and on a recent trip to Amsterdam and Antwerp, the shops only had those made in Tunisia.

  5. I thought the Nashvilles were made in Japan too. I was surprised to see they now made elsewhere. I'm still looking for a pair that are made in Japan, but I think I will keep these for now. They were on sale.

    I sized down since the actual waist measurement on the 34 was 36". If they won't shrink much, or will stretch out, then I'll keep them.

    I just wanted to know if they'd shrink to 34" tag size on a cold soak.

  6. When will Cali have them?

    Also, I just picked up a Nashville from the UK and it was made in Tunisia. I wear a 36 and sized down to a 34. Will these shrink a lot if I cold soak them for a few hours to remove the excess indigo?

  7. there are 1944s form valencia arounf but also non valencia made 44s, depends on the year they had been made... i would buy true to size unless you want the wear quite slim, than i would size down... the thing is, that the waist is quite slim in relation to the seat area which saggy... i also would recommend to buy non valencia made 44 because they are more authentic, the valencia version got a wrong pocket shape, also they are to narrow down the knee...

    I found a pair of raw 38x38 from 04/99. I wear a 36 and wonder if a long hot soak would shrink them.

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