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  1. finally arrived!!!!!:D just got it about 10 minutes ago



    I've got a pair of this style in Grensons. £180 at the beginning of the year. My pair are a little on the long-looking side (but then my daily footwear is one of 70-odd models of old-school adidas, so any 'smart' shoes look long on me). Still they're a nice, simple, classic design. I'm sure Grensons describe them as a military model.

  2. From Peter Fonda's hippie Western The Hired Hand:

    A soon-to-be-shot kid riding with Warren Oates and Fonda excitedly orders a cold beer at the worst saloon you've ever seen in the worst hell hole of a town. Warren Oates replies:

    'They ain't got no beer. And even if they did it wouldn't be cold. They got three types of whiskey, six types of tequilla and they're all green and they're all BAD!'

  3. I've seen nudie and dior in London and a guy last week wearing raw edwins, but that's about it.

    You'll catch me walking round Camden, Covent Garden, at Charlton for the football, and around south London in general, in SC 1947s, Full Counts, Japan Blues, Edwins and various Nudies. But, yeah, the most I usually ever see are Edwins, Nudies and the occasional LVC.

  4. i am looking for a dress shoe to go with a suit for interview

    this is the style i like but in black....any recommendation?

    my budget is no more than $180

    allen edmonds....find this on ebay, but they dont have black...


    this is the one i LOVE....AE Westgate


    testoni....$300??too much for me


    Can anyone tell is there any shoe laces on the testoni or is the laces hidden under the opening??find that pics on ebay

    I recently bought a very similar style to the black AE Wingates in Grensons. A beautifully made shoe for 180 quid. I'm usually a UK 10 but went for a UK 9.5. Kind of wish I'd sized down to a 9. Still, some insoles did the trick. They are very - erm - long though. I dunno, maybe I'm not used to this style of shoe, but, while they're a nice fit (with the insoles) and beautifully made, I feel kind of self-conscious at how, you know, looooong they are.

  5. BTW do you wear your classic trialmaster with belt?

    I do. I think it makes it look smarter. I can never get that fitted look when I tie the belt up at the back. It's either like a corset or too loose.

    I bought my Trialmaster about two years ago from a scooter shop in the UK when they hadn't really taken off as anything other than motorcycle wear. In fact when I wear it, people who don't know what I'm trying to do with it, still say to me, 'I never knew you had a motorbike.' It cost around £150. Now that scooter store sells the same jacket for £300.

    I've been to the Belstaff shop in London a few times but they've got it all wrong IMO. Hardly a classic waxed jacket in sight. Just loads of aviator jackets and overpriced sweatshirts with horrible silver decals... They've really lost sight of the classic Belstaff style and gone for the Italian fashionista shot.

  6. Barbour International jacket


    Belstaff classic trialmaster jacket


    BTW, girlfriend thinks I'm nuts!!!

    Have you been looking through my wardrobe?

    I have a quilted olive Barbour International, a black Belstaff Trialmaster, a tan Belstaff Urban, a black Belstaff XL500, a light grey linen Belstaff Khartoum and a beautiful new navy blue Belfresh Belstaff bought from American Classics in Covent Garden (although you couldn't get LESS American than Belstaff, with its British-Italian influences!), although I don't know the model. I really regret not buying the Che repro when American Classics were stocking it.

  7. OK, here's other stuff I collect:

    Trainers (that is, sneakers) mostly adidas, with a few New Balance models here and there.

    Books by and about Jack Kerouac. I have several copies of each of his novels, including a UK 1st edition (with dust wrapper) of The Town And The City (with the John Kerouac byline) and a UK 1st of On The Road (with the dust wrapper designed by Len Deighton). Loads of other rarities. If I even see a ratty paperback with a cover design I don't have, I'll buy it.

    Spaghetti westerns. Man alive, I've got hundreds of these in all formats (DVD, VHS, LD), my absolute favourite being the bleak, snowbound The Great Silence, by the dark poet of the genre, Sergio Corbucci.

    Jazz albums - Pharoah Sanders, Coltrane, Gary Bartz, etc, etc.

    i figure denimheads are collectors by nature, so what else do you collect?

    i will go first:

    - the 60's Doom Patrol comics (only)

    - records (i don't think of it as collecting, but i've amassed many many)

    - books (i didn't realize i was collecting until i already had the collection)

    - concert ticket stubs (ones i've attended only)

    - coins (not really)

    - movies (on dvd, vhs)

    i am hoping someone has some strange collections...

  8. Makes sense. He'd have been at Ipswich at the time. Not all that far to Peterborough.

    I'll buy him all the Hawaiis he can eat if his goals keep us up.

    Actually, I don't know if he was at Ipswich when that pic was taken. It's just that when I was talking to one of the guys at Togged.com about Sugarcanes last year, the subject of me supporting Charlton came up (as it so often does), and the guy said they were in the process of negotiating with Darren to take some pics of him modelling their Canes.

  9. At the weekend I volunteered to hoover (that is, vacuum) the entire house from top to bottom, lifting out all the beds, bookshelves, kids' toy boxes, etc, just so I could work some fading into my Nudie Baggy Bjorns.

  10. I bloody hope its a vital point. See you down the Valley for the vital run-in.

    Have you seen l'il Bent in Sugarcane? http://www.sugarcanejeans.co.uk/showroom.php

    Sorry to derail. Kittybiccy you asked about shops. There's a fair bit of raw denim in London (Liberty, Harvey Nichols, American Classics, etc) but I have no idea about Bristol. Have friends living there but never needed to buy denim.

    Here's a link to the denim shopping in London thread. http://superfuture.com/city/supertal...ad.php?t=13343

    Not wishing to derail it any more, but you're an Addick, too? And there's me thinking I was the only Charlton fan on Superdenim. Yeah, I saw Darren in his Sugar Canes. Proves the guy is class all over - let's hope he proves it on Saturday against West Ham. Oh, this is supposed to be a denim forum, isn't it?

  11. hi! Im just after any stories really or any reasons why there are pairs you could never throw away!

    what will you be studying, I will graduate in May? are you going to UWE or Bristol uni?

    I'm a big football (that is, soccer) fan and I got absolutely drenched a few months ago during the Charlton v Everton game. Andy Reid scored an equalizer to scrape a 1-1 draw and give us (ie, Charlton) a vital point. But do you know what I was happiest about? That the rain had worked in some nice creases in my Sugarcane 47s.

  12. On the topic of belt,

    I'm looking for a belt something similar to what skull did


    Unfortunately, they are all sold out .. i know you can find lots of woven belts like this

    but im looking for a good quality one bout 100-150 price range perhaps

    any idea?

    and no i cant afford the visvim ones =/

    How about an Andersons woven belt? They do them online at Oi Polloi in Manchester, UK.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342