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  1. this is my first post, long time lurker first time poster, i have bought some stuff off englandmj7.

    i'm selling nike sbtg dunk pro sb's you know the deal, 1000 pairs only asian exclusive so Japan, Hong Kong Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Thailand.

    i have a size 10, and a size 11

    i have 100% feedback on ebay: xil624

    and if you need some references can give some from SneakerFreaker.com

    have a size 9 and 10 already on the bay ( i dont know how to post the link.. but if you search me they'll show up )

    360USD or OBO shipped out including insurance and tracking number cause these are killer shoes. i can deal privately through paypal or set up a private ebay auction for you if you want. i am in no hurry to sell these as they are reaching 400USD on the bay. i will also have these advertised on other forums so if i dont get a buyer from here ill put them on the bay or another.

    i dont waste my time in fakes.

    camera busted but can supply more pics of 11's and tags and what not if needed

    email me [email protected]

  2. uhhh

    air jordan 1's alone go for 500. you are asking way too low. post this on sneakerfreaker.com or niketalk.com and im sure you'll get a buyer real fsat.

    you will probably get more money selling individually.

    also are the shoes DS or NDS or been worn or what? people wanna know these things.

  3. can anyone drop me a knowledge bomb, on the cut and fitting? i normally wear a 30 should i get a 28 or a 29? im looking at the relaxed fit concrete wash? i've tried the 29 and their slightly baggy which i dont mind, if i throw them in the wash for a while will they shrink that little bit more?

    i did a search on the ED 55's and nothing came up


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