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  1. seeing if theres any desire for these before i try to shrink them down to fit. BNWT size 31 i probably should've got a 30.

    http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/aikidou/item/samurai1005/ here is the link to rakuten but i picked mine up while i was in japan recently and lost some weight.

    i paid around 370 at exchange rate time AUD.

    but if anyone wants these off my hands will ship worldwide for 300AUD.

    i repeat, i have not soaked or done anything as i mull over what to do with them. will up my pics as soon as i get a chance.

    or pm or email [email protected] and i can direct send while im free in the morning and back at my house

  2. anyone with experience with the s001jp model? i picked up a pair to take home to aus, and in my travels i think i've shrunk some. the 31 i got is probably slightly big around the waist, have not soaked or done anything yet. but wondering if the denim shrink a fair bit with a nice boiling hot soak/shower for a while?

    dependent on the answer i may have to let them go in the market. i feel like a 30 would've been spot on for me... or if anyones a 31 and wants to take em off me happy to do a deal and let them go much cheaper than the 370 aud i paid for them..

    suggestions? try the hot soak/wash/shower first?

  3. also leaving this up til end of the week then im gonna send back to revolve!

    so if anyone wants it holler! 225 shipped international to US! pm me for anywhere else

    this is the exact price i snapped it off revolve so better it goes to someone who can use it! I'm not making any extra money or anything, if anything i already know ill be paying more shipping than what revolve sent it to me for.

  4. Nordic Denim House measurements which may be more professional than mine.. its possible i did the leg opening/inseam slightly off but other than we're pretty close

    waist - 76

    front rise - 23.5

    thigh - 27

    Inseam - 101

    Leg Opening - 19

  5. i was going off my owned jeans i.e the SC's. in terms of the waist. i have skinny legs. the legs were not the problem in the 0701's just he waist/crotch area i.e the important bit lol.

    im going to take your advice on the front rise and backrise though gonna start doing that now

  6. i havent worn 30's in years :( i was also basing off SC 1947 STF when i i decided on size which were snug on me but doable.

    i dont even fit into edwin 28's. in any of their raw denims.

    do you think its odd that my girlfriend who is a size 6 couldnt even fit into these 28's either? :(

  7. are you guys in the 28's super skinny or did i get a bad pair?

    i have 27/28's in apc NS/PS, SC 1947 w28, samurai 710 29

    i picked up a pair of 28's in 0701 vintage label and i could barely fit both my legs in. All the reading i found said stay true to size ( so i did i could've gone either 28/29 but i figured that a 28 would stretch that little bit like most of my other pairs )

    im now looking at swapping them fro a size 30 or 31 because based on that pair these guys are tiny?!

    anyone with more experience comment?

  8. copped off the revolve sale, can't even fit my thights in to do the bottom button.

    if someone has a 29/30 willing to trade brand new otherwise buy them off me for what i purchased! recoup what i paid 225 shipped from sydney to the USD

    elsewhere i'll have to check the post office.

    i havent got a pic up but they are brand new 0701's. i'll have a pic up by tomorrow until but i think most people know what they look like.

    tags are all still attached

  9. massive price drop. 200 aud shipped. i wore them a few more times hoping they'd break in but now im just left with some bruised growth on my right heel.

    here are the pictures showing creasing of the left and right shoe, the detailling on the tongue, quality leather stitching on the underside of the tongue, the xray sole etc. You can rock these to work or casually, comes with laces in blue also.





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