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  1. Impulsed recently and have put on a bit of weight. The WM is a bit too tight, and the NBHD x Cavempt after a bit of consideration isn't really my steez.


    pictures: note i have taken out the wrap of the WM jackets but tags are still attached. Items are located within Australia and have tags still attached. NBHD jacket comes with the coathanger. 


    White Mountaineering Nylon Taffeta Varsity

    Windproof, Water Proof, all the good stuff of WM in a stylish varsity. this thing is killer but it just doesn't fit to my build.


    Size: 0 (Small I believe) 

    Price: $480AUD EXPRESS SHIPPED within Australia.

    International please ask for a quote. 


    NBHD x Cavempt Coaches Jacket

    Another awesome piece with Cavempt's glitchy graphic with NBHD quality. Just really isn't me. 


    Size: M

    Price: $320 EXPRESS SHIPPED within Australia.

    International please ask for a quote 












    APC Varsity Jacket

    from couple season's ago i've probably worn this thing less than 10x in the few years i've had it. 

    below photo isn't mine obviously but it's that jacket. but if you are interested in getting this piece please contact and i will send you photos as soon as i can.From an honest look, my jacket being several years old and mainly sitting in the closet and the sleeves have gone a slight yellow, but the ribbing on collar and hem are still clean white. Still an amazing piece. looking to let it go relatively cheap


    Size: S


    International please contact 





    Original Fake Wind Stopper

    Another piece that's just a touch too small. worn couple times but can barely move with buttons done up so it's gotta go. Original Fake ain't around anymore so there's not much chance of ever picking up something like this. detail and quality is amazing. 



    Price: $320 AUD EXPRESS SHIPPED 

    International please contact me 










    $300 AUD express shipped in australia. International please contact. 


    feel free to email me [email protected]


    will leave here for first chance before going up on Ebay.




  2. Sadly too small for me now. barely worn. The jacket is in excellent condition and has just sat in my closet.


    Comes with all the OF detailings that you'd expect, chompers on the buttons, inner crosses etc. 


    retailed $600 from memory when i bought it.


    Item is located in Sydney, Australia. 


    $300AUD plus shipping. international PM me i will get a quote from the post. cheers, 










    feel free to email - [email protected] for quicker responses. 


  3. Grabbed these jeans but they've just sat there and it was a total impulse so i need these gone. they retail at $500 AUD. 


    pick them up half price $250 AUD (shipping worldwide at buyers cost registered at the minimum) 


    pick up in Sydney or shipping at cost within Australia. 


    14 oz nice feeling denim. it's a straight leg cut and likely fit a waist 30-32. i'm a 28-29 and are way too big. i tried them on for 2 minutes at home. 






    Interest please contact me [email protected]



  4. been a very long time since i visited but i thought i'd share. i went through the focused denim watching and wearing and around last year sometime decided it was time to stop buying new raw (hard i know) and just  consolidate the pairs i had and get some wear. suffice to say i'll probably be rocking these for a few more years and you might see another jump out of the blue.


    not nearly as great as some but i've given it a good shot each pair still has plenty of life i'd say. i think the most worn pair has only seen 4 washes.




    Samurai 701 19oz from my trip to Hinoya probably about 4years old 4 washes i think

    Samurai x BiG 701 17oz 1.5 years old 1 wash 

    For the Homies (Australian Label) purple selvedge probably about 3.5 years old 3 washes

    For the Homies (Australian Label) white selvedge probablut about 2.5 years old

    APC Petite Standard 3 years old 3 washes

    APC x Supreme PS bought the same time as the samurai's from Hinoya so about 4 years old 

    Edwin Ed-55 Red Selvedge (my first pair of raw denim and when they did a selvedge i snapped it) 1 yr old 1 wash.  


    almost all have seen a crotch reinforcement or rip plus hemming. 











    should take some front snaps but oh well!


    7 pairs for life perhaps? 


  5. Yo, looking for some quick sales. have 2 brand new jackets that just aren't quite working for me. Both are BNWT.


    ill snap more all i have on my phone atm but looks liek this on the body



    SIZE SMALL BOUGHT FOR 380 SHIPPED - $200 Shipped standard international. TRACKING/INSURANCE IS EXTRA


    Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen retailed for $300 - $200 standard international shipped. tracking/insurance extra

    just a note the 2 slits pictured are sealed, im not sure whether they are meant to be opened i haven't looked at it too closely to try find out. the blazer style pockets are fine.

    will get another jacket pic up tonight.

    EMAIL PREFERRED [email protected]

  6. Yo,

    All items located in Sydney, Australia. Postage is what the office charges me and these days does include the security charge flow on from the US Post.



    Norse Projects x Elka Sporty BRAND NEW

    super dope jacket from the projects x elka range. extra chest pocket size S, tried on only.

    asking: $230 USD shipped OBO paid 280 AUD which you can exchange rate that.. it cost me much more.




    Supreme Varsity size M BRAND NEW only tried on

    been sitting in my closet, i paid $580 AUD. $420 USD shipped express.OBO

  7. NEW BUMP. so if anyone wants a pair of experiment jeans or just thrash around jeans, these are up for sale. short story is the tailor i took these too, really didnt care as much for denim or listen to what i said. so they don't seem to be wearable for me. so $60 usd ( essentially the shipping cost from australia) have a pair of SC.

    the tailor has now made them short, and they are also slightly tapered.

    BIg Measurements

    Waist - 11"

    Front RIse - 8"

    Back Rise - 10.75"

    Upper Thigh - 8.5"

    Knee - 6"

    Leg Opening - 5.5"

    Inseam - 22.5"

    so basically from the 32 the jeans now just come above my heel. and i'm 5"7 so you can imageine.

    SO SUPER CHEAP, or i'll trade you for a hat or a tshirt or something else.

  8. Noir is high quality amazing stuff. everything is sourced from japan and the designer frequently heads over to make sure everything is done right. the little details are awesome. i'm sure you'll like them. ive seen Pete's pair of faded denims on his blog and upthere blog and they look awesome.

  9. up for grabs is a pair of Samurai s001jp Yamato 15oz denim. i had them taken up to a 33.5" as i'm quite short at 5'7 however even after this wearing them around the house for short time i had fairly large cuffs and still had significant stacking.

    i will post up full BiG style measurements tonight, but i did a short 20 minute hot soak, and a quick 7 minute hot wash and trying before and after there was little shrinkage but will put up all the measurements later. i have only tried these on for approximately 20 minutes max, i still have all the tags. they just didnt shrink as much as i would've liked.

    the leather patch has some slight denim runoff which is hardly noticeable, and is a little darker with some very light crinkling. there are no fades, all creases are because i hang dried them once the 7 minute hot wash was over.

    i'm asking 250USD Shipped world wide. registered.

    feel free to email me at [email protected] or leave me a PM





  10. ah.. great info and pretty much spot on. i want a little bit more room than my 710's currently gave me cause i went 29 in that and they are great but just a tad on the tight side in the crotch thigh area, the nice man at hinoya kept saying they'd shrink 2" whch is why i went with the 31 but then wasn't predicting that i'd lose some weight also.

    thanks for that mate!

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