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  1. Just wondering if they run large/small as I have never worn Vans before.

    I normally wear US 10.5 in (non SB) Nike Dunks. I would say I'm slightly on the larger size of 10.5 as I own one or two pairs of US 11 (different brand).

    Thanks for any input as to what size I should get.


  2. yep, they have stretched out of shape, i 'skinnied' them once and wore them for about a month and they stretched again and 'skinnied' them another time and now they are my fave pair of jeans, well 2nd lol, can never get enough of my Nudie SSK

    'skinnied' them???

    im guessing that means you had the legs taken in at a tailor?

    probably wont go for the long johns because as we all know tight black jeans wont be a 'good' look infinately, so i think im better off purchasing something at a slightly lower price point.


  3. Are these like a guys version of the supatubes? You aussies are damn lucky, we ge the leftovers here in the uk i.e. all I could find in the Lee store was a pair of black powells, which i bought, but they arn't really the fit i was looking for.

    yeah they are the guys version of the supatubes.

    okay then, looks like i may pick up a pair since they are at quite a good price point ($130 AUD)

    should i bother looking at something like cheap monday ($110 AUD) or is the quality even less than the lees?


  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my tsubi super skinny zips, cuz the denim is so light and breathable, i am a guy but i got girls jeans cuz they were cheaper and the rise is not so low and not so high like their van winkles, u can get levis acid wash from maple in newtown, but i recommend the girls ones, unless u wanna go a few sizes down from the guys

    Sounds good, but ive heard bad things about the quality of tsubi, specifically their stretch.

    have your stretched out of shape?

  5. iv got the hem&haw jeans aswell but with the white contrast stitching, just wear them for a while and the 'shiny coat' will be gone in no time.

    a few days for me and it was all gone

    ha, good choice, i kind of wish i'd gotten the white contrast stitching now in retrospect...

    how long have you been wearing them for? starting to age nicely? any pics per chance? have you given them a wash?

    i am personally tempted to give them a wash so that i can get rid of this sheen and to loose a bit of the colour/indigo, its really dark and solid atm.

    do you know if the denim is raw man or has it just got a resin coating over it?

  6. Its funny this is exactly what I like about my raw jeans and one of the reasons (besides wanting to smell like sweaty ass and for getting contrast) that I dont want to wash my jeans. Anyway, dont fuck around with all this other funny shit youre talking about just wash them or give them a soak and the shine will be gone.



    alright man, thanks for your input.

    any other input is welcomed.

    if washing IS the best option, how should i go about it...machine, hand, bath...cold, warm, hot...what sort of detergent.

    thanks dudes!

  7. Mine would have to be my Dry Black Nudie Slim Jims. I downsized and had the legs tailored into a nice tight taper.

    Thinking of also picking up a pair of black black Lee Stovepipes. Also would love to pick up a pair of Acid Wash Levi tights if anyone knows where they are found (Australia).

    Share you experiences. Pics welcomed.

  8. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these?

    I'm referring to the solid black black colour that is sold in the likes of General Pants Co. etc. (Australia).

    How do they hold their shape? How do they hold their colour? Size up or size down?

    Please share any experiences!



  9. hey,

    picked up a pair of hem & haw jeans not long ago for a cheap price and so far so good. they quite nicely, although I may go to a tailor and get the legs tapered for a slightly slimmer fit. they are similar if not the same to this: http://www.superfuture.com/city/supertalk/showthread.php?t=11932&highlight=melbourne

    they are raw denim (i think...i'm a denim novice) and im hoping to work them in a bit but they still have that 'just new' slight shine/sheen to them which is pissing me off a little. in my eyes jeans should not be shiny at all.

    anyway, so i was wondering if there was anything i could do to get rid of the sheen that is apperent on them. would washing them do the trick? im not too sure about that idea tho becoz ive only been wearing them for a week or so. maybe a wash with some of those fabric 'dye remover' solutions you can get at the supermarket...i assume its a light bleach solution.

    all ideas are welcomed.



  10. picked up a pair of hem and haw jeans from bobbys cuts (bargain, $90 bucks) - similar if not the same to these ones http://www.superfuture.com/city/supertalk/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=12288

    I wear a 29 in nudies (well 29 was a bit of a stretch at start but ive worn them in nicely!) and for some reason i let the SA talk me into getting a 30 waist (32 leg) in hem and haw today. they fit sweet now, not super tight around the waist, actually quite comfortable. but I'm thinking they might stretch to the fuck and leave me with something like 32 inches!...i dunno how much these jeans will stretch/shape, the denim seems to be pretty thin/lacking quality in comparison to nudie.

    also, if i downsized to the 29 waist (30), will the leg size be slimmer, or just stay the same?


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