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  1. thinking of bypassing tokyo and checking out seoul this year. shall i just bang out a week in seoul or is it worth travelling about for another week or so? where 2? what 2 see?


    when's a good time to visit? can pretty much get over there any time from august. not a fan of hot / humid weather so erring towards sept / oct.

  2. still looking for a decent fitting oxford in a nice, fine cotton with a decent sized placket, collar, etc.


    gitman vintage seems to go close but they're sizing is goddamn all over the place and i find myself falling between small and medium more often than not.


    also like BoO, particularly the details (colour-matched buttons, etc.), but they're just too damn short. they look boyish.


    nice colour range and consistency is a bonus. prefer to stick under the $200 MSRP (otherwise Thom Browne might have done the job..)



  3. also hitting up italy shortly.. most of my time up north - milan, venice, bologna. recommendations for any of these cities would be great. (trying then to decide to spend a few days at one of the lakes or skip over to cinque terre..)


    anyway, contemporary italian furniture.. where am i to look? mainly interested in observation more than purchasing. visiting an atelier or two would be great. are there any towns or regions of note?

  4. IMO they are tts. I'm in the same boat with you. Tried on a 9.5 in a pair of 998's for style because it was the only size and those fuckers fit better than my 10's. Was pissed, especially bc I passed on a few colors I wanted in that size. What size are your 998's?


    i'm not alone. yep, i've got size 10, too. sounds like 9.5 would probably be on the money. bummer.

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