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  1. i'd kill for some Strip jeans...that collection had some nice ones. I'd take the bleu clair even in a 48, they might be a lil lower but what the hell if i had the cash and could find some.

    if im buyin any new DH jeans they'll be in a 30, but i'll take up to 32 for the older classics that are impossible to come by now.

    i *think* i have the bleu clair - greenish with greyish non-shiny wax right? haven't worn those in ages. mine's a 28 though.

    what i regret daily, however, is that i also had the chance to buy the strip destroyed jeans but back then i thought they were 'too rockstar' (what i said to the salesperson).

  2. welcome to the wonderful world of Dior Homme denim-induced frustration. That shit had a TERRIBLE hold on my mind sophomore year of college when i started buyin em. Ah, good memories with those Luster black whiskered jeans...

    i just came to deal with it and accept the fact they're gonna stretch and sag if worn for over a week...eh.


    the 2 pairs i got from strip are now too big and i barely wear them. i find the japanese denim stretch less though.

  3. try manga (by playground) at the central world, ground floor, just outside b2s. they purport to be the peddler of high-end streetwear. i don't know much about that stuff, but they had aNYthing, among other labels. some things aren't available for purchase until the official opening on friday though.

  4. nope, not too tight. Just not really happy with the way the seam looks. I dunno. I think I'm being kind of anal.

    they're a size 32, from the 04/05 winter season.

    i thought about doing the same for my SS06 destroyed 21cms but then i figured the fading around the seams would be lost and it would look weird. was that the problem you had?

  5. wasn't planning to do this, but since i've already done it for a couple of people...

    i can buy & ship april 77 stuff for you from thailand. since it's pretty obscure here, there are quite a lot of sizes available. i can get joey overdrives, grey colourdrives, hi-standards (washed black denim), and black and navy costelloes. they also have polo shirts (black or white) and a hell kat kennedy in black.

    pm me if interested. warning: shipping is kind of expensive.

  6. Anyway, I haven't taken vacation in quite a while. These days I just meet friends at one of the executive lounges like Piano, the Pent, Sopranos, or Resort and chill for the evening.

    oh you make it sound so exclusive.

    just wait till your girlfriend reads about this.

  7. for me, diors don't fit consistently across the board. i have 7 pairs (no raw) and some of the 28s i got a couple of years back, i can now slide off without undoing the buttons. so the last pair i bought was a black wash in 27, but that still feels slightly bigger than some 28s i bought in japan...may be they do a different cut, don't know.

    as for the 17cm cuffs, those are what the models wear in the shows (i was told by peter at the NY store), and are harder to find. i got the grey glittery one (FW05 i think) from japan and that had a 17cm cuff. don't think they make 17cm for waists above 30 though.

  8. Some names to check out:



    A Lange and Sohne

    Patek Phillipe

    Philip Roth

    Vacheron Constantin

    you mean daniel roth? philip roth is an author.

    djrajio - i've generally found that flagship stores give very little discount (unless you buy/have bought a lot). as aaronk_83 said - and with a collection like that, you know he knows what he's talking about - ADs sometimes give discounts to almost 40%. max. i've ever gotten was 37.5% in HK. it'd be hard to get that on a first watch without knowing the AD and vice versa, but may be someone can put you in touch?

  9. aaronk_83, i was just poring over detailed photos of the lange datograph with my boss after lunch! the machinery is absolutely exquisite. and pls don't tell me those PPs are all yours...

    djrajio, if you travel a lot, you might consider the GMT or multiple timezone movements. franck muller seems to have fallen from grace, but his 'master banker' is still excellent. PP 'travel time' (ref 5134) is also nice. most brands will have something with this movement.

    i'm currently wearing PP ref 5296 myself. graduation present.

    oh, also keep in mind you should be able to get at least 25%, if not 30+% off retail for most models at authorized dealers. don't ever appear overtly interested in any particular piece (ask to see a few in similar range) and haggle politely.

  10. can't be bothered to quote ppl, but to answer a few questions:

    overdrives (raw denim) are not selvedge.

    colourdrives (grey) felt like stretchy, thin denim. fits tighter than overdrives, but not as tight as hi-standards (washed black denim, also with elasthan) - noone has really mentioned hi-standards so may be it's from a previous season.

    i removed the backpocket tag on my overdrives and colour is entirely consistent. wary of doing the same for the hi-standards, however.

    also tried on costellos. nice fit: higher rise than the denim stuff and not as skinny. these come in european sizing (44, 46 etc.) seem to remember they were $20-30 more than the overdrives. might go back for these.

    also promptly lost the pick from my overdrives the day after i got them...

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