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  1. My sammies shrunk a ton in the seat, legs and inseam. The waist only shrunk a bit but still enough that I had to stretch them out after the soak. They shrank even more after the first wash.





    Besides shes gonna hit a growth spurt probably giving her some hips soon so they may be OK as a boyish type fit.

  2. ^ Don't capitalize every word it makes it hard to read. Thanks for the fast shipping on the wallet Shinchi, it only took about 5 bus. days. Amazing product and customer service. I highly reccomend this stuff, my next jeans after the contests sammies will likely be a pair of these.

    Keri(I'f your still reading this thread) I know you say you have a booty and that the Lindas fit you well, my only question is do you have a bit of a round ass or is it just hips. The reason I ask is because my gf has a bum but shes not a big girl and I wanted to get your opinion on the fit. The Japanese model in the pictures has typical pancake ass so its hard to tell.

  3. so its like a weird bootcut? mine seem like they taper all the way down.

    Yeah I agree with that statement, tapered all the way down. There a great fit and not baggy in the thighs at all(at least for me) I'm sure if the original poster searched a bit he could find plenty of threads with the different fits of samurai's. Besides when all else fails the measurements are up at http://www.samurai-j.com. If he has the RRDS then he should just compare measurements.

  4. Edison maybe a fool, but all the people you guys respect hang out with him too. What does that make of them?

    Every group of people have a little wank that hangs out with them. Hes a joke and they know it.

    Also I work with this cute little chick from Tokyo, shes about 30 but you'd never know it, looks 18........ anyways she HATES Fujiwara, she likens him to Paris Hilton for being famous for doing nothing. She feels he has no real talent except for hanging around other cool people.

    I don't know about all that, but I think its a funny comparison.

  5. im a khoiphan92 fan .... so i say yes

    I think this influx of n00bs has got to be a practical joke being played by some of the superchat regulars, its just getting to be to much. Someone needs to do and IP check and ban dupes. Granted it is good for a laugh. Oh well maybe the future is just becoming the place to be.

  6. Do they feel snug around the calf ?

    Great fit?

    Haha read the post! The fit is damn near perfect, not to low, snug with out binding, I can feel the denim on my calves but not to tight, fit really nice over the timbs I wear in winter, stack really nice too, good length.

    nice fit on you i miss lily, you got more light blue coming out than I do. Most people probably will. I'm not going out of my way for wear...yet. just normal walking and sitting.

    I haven't done much in them but I walk a lot, when the weather gets nice I ride my bike everywhere so I imagine there going to get some serious wear. I'm also in them from about 7 in the am to at least 11:30 at night so they get lots of wear in the day. I guess I bartend in them twice a week so they get splattered with water, booze and all that shit, but they haven't gotten splotchy or anything. Just good hard wear and I don't treat them special.

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