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  1. Yeah, read the last couple of pages. Hence the idea as to where I plan to go as far as food and the obvious leather goods/outdoorsy menswear thing. Outside of Francis May and Seamstofit not sure about the good ladies independents. Also wondering just how pet friendly this city is, seems to be lots of dogs but are there patios ect. they're more welcome? I'd rather not leave them tied to a post or locked in a hotel room. Outside our Deschutes and Old town is there a brewery that is particularly good?

    Edit - I've been around since 2006, I get search, reading and not asking things in repeat. I know where to find salty pig and good breakfast, I will be into Tanner tomorrow. This is a slow moving thread and I was asking questions that may help with pets and the fairer sex. Not looking for anyone here to hold my hand all the way to some food cart, just don't belong to any lady forums.

  2. Driving 1300 km to hang out in Portland for a few days with the lady and a couple of hounds. Staying at the Ace, plan to eat and drink a bit of beer. Have a short list of places but if anyone has a preferred brewery, place to take dumb fuzzball pooches or spend too much on  ladies clothes I'm all ears. I have a pretty good idea where I want to go but I'll take suggestions.

  3. A better example of what happend would be someone in prison was released again into the general public. They have rules to follow that are different from everyone else till they prove that they can be taken off of probation. The rules arn't followed and its back to being locked up. This bus analogy is shitty.

  4. Kiya, any chance you'll be getting some 44's in the winter flathead flannels? I measured my shirts and my self and the 42 I ordered should work but if not I would like to be able to exchange it(unworn of course) or get a credit if they're in fact coming but not for a while. I'm happy to sit on a store credit as you'll obviously have other things that I like.

  5. ^^ So you want the boot Red Wing made popular but not the faint imprint that will more then likely be mostly covered by your jeans? I would suggest getting over it, the branding is about as subtle as you can ask for.

    In any case I'm not sure who would make a similar boot. Russel does there fair share of moc toes, but nothing quite like that.

  6. do you guys like, not post on any other forums or something?

    nothing ever posted on this forum at all is out of line or unexpected on the internet.


    no shit.

    Fact is I agree with this, people are assholes on the Internet. This forum is pretty mild compared to some that I frequent. For the most part I enjoyed a few of the posters who where banned. Jhey, contauch, rambo? I can take or leave, don't really give a shit about them. west, jamtsu and airjamie all contributed outside of there "hateful" posts. The only one that really irritated me was edmond and if I really wanted to I could always put him on ignore.

  7. you know what it's really about?


    he quit because of "bigotry" on the forum. poppycock, but still that's what he said. unlike D_D he couldn't handle the pressure (perhaps D_D couldn't handle it either, but was more mature when resigning), so he named some names.

    i think we all know whose names those were.

    that's not to say, though, that the minya didn't have a hand in this. i am not certain whom all of the players are, but i will get unbanned soon enough.

    Short memory?

  8. I would just stick with black. I got my 1911's last week and I'm not sure I've seen leather this colour before. I'd rather have something clearly not the same then try to match and have it look off. Besides I like that my boots are so unique they stand out.

    I'd email Horween and see if they can make a belt out of the same leather. They seem to have a product section on there website.

  9. In Canada it actually cost more to subscribe. Apparently you get some premium web content though, not quite sure what that includes. My g/f got me a subscription for christmas so I guess I'll find out if its worth it.

  10. Depends on how much time you have to read back issues. I have them all from the start and so far I've been happy with every issue. It'll be pretty costly to order them all as well. Not like theres any continuity in a magazine so it wouldn't be a problem to pick up the newest issue and see if you like it.

  11. im so ready for some fuckign stuffing

    all youfcuking candadians anre europeans jsut dont get it. americans love indians, this is why we celebrate thasnksgivin cause we cufcing loovveee indians.

    and its all about the stuffing. turkey is no 2.

    What the fuck are you talking about? We already had Thanksgiving.

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