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  1. it was simply a list of things that i like to do. tokyo has so many great places and the retail / restaurant turnover is simply insane. there's no such thing as a go-to place IMO though there are some spots that truly have stood the test of time. the aoyama yakiniku place called yoroniku is hella hype. never been and probably won't ever get to go. most of the IT restaurants are pretty much impossible to book unless you plan months ahead. you know, just like making a reservation at Noma except tokyo has like 500 restaurants of similar caliber.


    i usually go to neighborhood spots. they are usually between 3 and 4, proably closer to 3.5 on tabelog. if a place is over 3.5 on tabelog, it's proably a fraud.


    Thanks man

  2. Hi herpsky,


    See my comments in red and let me know if you can please address them. I am from LA and going to Japan in 2 weeks... will be 4 days in Tokyo, 2 days in Kyoto, 4 days in Osaka and then 4 more days in Tokyo. I cut things out of your post that did not relate to what I'm talking about... hope you don't mind.


    Also, I should say that usually when I go to foreign countries... my favorite thing to do is to go out to a bar, talk and make friends with random strangers that wanna have some fun, end up bar hopping with them and find other really cool spots that i would have never found on my own. I am not asian and definitely don't speak Japanese, but my gf is fluent. I have heard/read that japanese people are not the type that I can just instantly make friends with and go bar/club hopping with... what's my best plan for this or what are the neighborhoods where this is more likely to happen?


    Oh and one more question that isn't on your list... what's THE spot to go to for shabu shabu and/or sukiyaki? I want authentic as fuck please.


    Your help (and ANYONE else's input) is very, very highly appreciated!


    I think popeye recently did a book on tokyo eats  never read it so i don't know. one source that's been pretty reliable though outdated is Transit Tokyo Gohan ã€€really depends on what you wanna eat but i'd eat ramen 1x or 2x. a lot of people come to tokyo and eat nothing but ramen. ramen is seriously overrated compared to other fine food. id suggest that you go insane for lunch at fancy restaurants. they run anywhere from 20-30 USD (well, unless you go to REALLY expensive spots like Quintessence ). What I like the best about Tokyo is quality of lunches. Since the lunches are so cheap, do the lines get ridiculous? Should I show up early (like at 1030 or 1100) or late (like at 1300-1400)? Or is showing up right on time still ok?


    With that said, a comprehensive list of things to try at least once (this is like a list of things an average japanese person enjoys)

    -Oufu Curry in Jinbochou (within walking distance from Akihabara; make sure you don't go for an indian style place) I fucking love Japanese curry. Is this THE spot? I tried googling this but nothing came up... do you have the exact address by chance?

    -Yakiniku (Japanese bbq) Got a spot to recommend?

    -Soba (i usually go to my neighborhood spot) Got a spot to recommend?

    -Cocktails at an AUTHENTIC bar (where barternders are tied up or wear white coats) got any to recommend? this I REALLY want to know. i'm specifically looking for those places where the dudes take like 20 mins to make a fucking cocktail with a meticulous level of detail that most people would not care about



    -Tonkatsu hell yes!!!! what's the go to spot?



    Some obscure sufu worthy spots with cool vibes  (a lot of them not necessarily gaijin friendly)

    -Top of Hikarie building overlooking shibuya station whats this cool for? to take photos from or is there something going on? tried to google but only ground level pics of the building came up

    -Shinjuku tocho tenboudai deck i take it this is a cool view?

    -Disk union and Manhattan records in Shibuya any other good record stores? mostly looking for super nerdy UK (and maaaybe some american) indie. i'm at the point with my records that there are only a handful I want and are literally not available anywhere so I don't care how much they will cost me.. i'm not looking for a deal just want the damn things. you know of any great spots to go to for this?

    -Spots along Arakawa Toden train line what's good vibes about these spots? any specific stops along this train line that are particularly cool?

    -the walk from nakameguro to daikanyama (take the hill that connects the Yarigasaki intersection to the road that runs parallel to the street with the 1LDK empire whats cool here?

    -the apartment buildings behind aoyama dori whats cool here?

    -2chome everything i looked up seems like this is a gay neighborhood. i'm not gay and i've actually had a lot of fun in gay neighborhoods before, just saying thats the only thing that keeps coming up when i research. what makes this area fun? just cool night life or what?

    -obscure hiphip shows at Unit i can get down with this.. got any artists i should check out beforehand?

    -that pool bar at XEX what kinda crowd is it here? like trendier types or more hipster types or more like older entitled hipsters? or goth ninjas? lol loaded question and prob will offend some people but yeah just asking

    -back terrace at Saturdays surf pics look cool... anything going on here like little parties or something? or just a cool spot to look out from?

    -Food from any of the michelin starred french or italian whats the reservation strategy at these? and is lunch the go-to time?

    -Yakumo Saryo reservation strategy or best time for a walk-in? whats the best time for lunch?

    -Shindaita Fever - The coolest up and coming indies bands play here any other spots to catch indie bands?

    -Eyeglasses: Isetan, blinc, globe, lloyd, cradle, continuer i'm looking for two things as far as eyeglasses in japan: 1) vintage cutler and gross, 2) a shop that will custom make me some sunglass lenses. I have a pair of frames I really like but no tinted lenses. There was a spot in camden town in london that did both custom eyeglass frames and custom lenses, from tons of different materials... sadly i saw it 2 days before i was leaving, and they had a 3 day turn around... japan HAS to have some shit like this. where can i find it?


  3. boyhood-210313-poster-xlarge-resized.jpg


    Linklater's "Boyhood" is finally coming out... reviews are out of this world so far. really looking forward to this one.


    Saw this last night and it was mindblowing. No lie... it was like watching something with the breadth and scope of 8 1/2 by Fellini with the acting as natural as the acting in Kids by Larry Clark. The movie itself isn't at all like either of those two movies, but it did remind me of certain aspects of both of those films, primarily the scope and the acting.

  4. I've had several pairs of Acne Max Cash's for as long as I can remember... 6 years probably (no lie). They've been my go-to jeans for a long time... my only problem with them is the rise.


    Do you guys know of another pair of jeans like the Max Cash in terms of wash, feel, and fit along the legs but that has a higher rise? The Max Cash is so low rise that it looks mad awkward with a shirt tucked in. I'd like something with the rise of the APC New Standard, but Max Cash all the rest of the way around


    oh.. also want to add in that i also really love my Acne Max Wet On Black... they're exactly like the Max Cash but waxed/oiled. Fucking ill.

  5. I was looking for the exact same thing some time ago, and I ended up with a Cosmic Wonder wallet. Really happy with it. Nice, thick leather, very study. In the meantime have a link to the newer model:


    http://centerforcosmicwonder.com/goods_en_jpy_70.html - in natural colour


    Mine is only leather, but it looks thicker than the newer version. I will take a pic and post it when I get a chance. 


    Edit: I apologize for the pics, best I could do at the moment.





    thanks but i don't want anything that folds, just want credit card slots on both sides of the wallet. thanks for the recommendation though!

  6. I'm looking for a new wallet with the following requirements:


    all black (silver/gold zippers are okay)

    very very compact and very slim

    holds 5 cards total (3 cc, 1 atm and 1 ID if it matters)

    can hold some cash from time to time.. i rarely carry cash and never carry coins so this really doesn't matter much


    what do you guys recommend?


    ones i've seen that caught my eye were:

    cdg very black (see here) - not really that slim at all but willing to settle

    rick cardholder above - looks kind of big as the cards sit horizontally, but am interested

    saint laurent paris (see here) - again size may be an issue


    my ideal wallet would be just slightly wider than a credit card itself and as tall as about 1.5 credit cards.. it'd have 3 slots for cards on one side, 3 slots on the opposite side and would have a small slit between the two sides for spare cash. something that looks like this on both sides, with a small slit for cash in between the two sides.


    any suggestions?

  7. guys i want to buy a few samples from luckyscent or directly from the maker such as histoires de parfums. can you recommend your top 5 scents given the following criteria (in no order of priority):


    office job

    highly conservative environment

    would prefer something long lasting or that evolves throughout day

    good for fall/winter seasons that are on the warmer side (i'm located in LA)


    here are two i tried a long time ago and don't remember how they smell, please tell me if you guys think they'd fit the bill:

    histoires de parfums 1828

    histoires de parfums 1725


    oh and i should say, i am a complete novice to fragrances, so throw your suggestions out at me... whatever gets recommended the most, i'll try samples of and then make a final decision from there



  8. I need ties! Lots of ties! If you have any ties please sell me them!!

    I'm looking for ties from the following brands only:

    Dries Van Noten (#1 choice!)

    Dior Homme

    Jil Sander



    Band of Outsiders

    any other Belgian/German and/or minimal designer's ties

    My only requirement is as follows:

    MUST be 2" to 2.5" in width (almost all ties by the designers mentioned above are 2.25")

    I am located in Los Angeles if you want to work out the shipping and all that.. we can discuss. Please send me PMs! Thanks!!


    One pair left....

    brand: common projects

    model: postal boot

    size: 44 (fits like a 45)

    condition: 9.8/10. These really look brand new. i never wore them and i think the previous owner only wore them twice. these run bigger than i thought so i was never really able to wear them. i'm willing to trade for a 43 if anyone has a pair.. i'll even put more cash up! these shoes look so fucking amazing that it crushes me they don't fit. again, these look mint as fuck.

    price: $200 shipped + 4% paypal fee or mark as a gift




  10. Common Projects Postal Boot

    size: 44

    condition: 9.9/10

    comes with: original box, dust bag

    price: $230 shipped, add 4% for paypal (these retailed for around $500 and are sold out everywhere)


    these are pretty much brand new. they look amazing in person.. true class. I bought them recently off someone else and never wore them, although I think the previous owner wore them once or twice. They look absolutely new. i would KILL for a size 43 as these are a little too big for me. I'd say these fit like a 45. they come with the original box and an acura dust bag (not mine, the previous owner shipped them to me like this).


    w/o flash





    Common projects training boot

    size 44


    comes with: original box, dust bag

    price: $130 shipped, add 4% for paypal (i think these retailed for $450+)


    these look awesome but are just not my style anymore.. my style's changed a lot lately. the leather is as soft as it gets and where there is wear, it can hardly be noticed due to the shoes being all black. seriously you can only see the wear in my overexposed photos. in person these look amazing. there is minimal wear on the sole (around the heel) but other than that they're good to go.


    w/o flash:





    w/ flash:



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