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  1. I just scored a pair of the very rare raw new with tags 1886 LVCs. Should be here sometime next week. Heres the LVC stuff I have as of today.


    My two favorites are my 555 pair of 1920s 201s and also a 555 pair of 37 201s.

    I like LVCs attention to detail. I find allot of the Japanese stuff over done. Not ripping on it cause it is good stuff but some of the denim is to heavy or way to slubby compared to original cone mills Levi denim. Most early Levis were 10 oz or less till around the 1930s. Then about 12 oz. I try to search out the early Valencia St stuff. It shows up on e-bay once in a while; even raw sometimes. Just scored a pair of 1933 555s (Valencia St). The 1886s I just scored are not 555s but from the reading I've done the best of the newer LVCs.

    it's quite amazing!You have so many LVC ,god, I get only 47 and 55, I am going to find others,maybe you could tell me where could buy the early raw LVC?

  2. I have read a lot of threads in superdemin and also bought a few different brands of jeans a month ago. Finally,I found LVC will be my true love. When I got the early years' raw LVC (made in valuncia), I feel the denim is thick and comfortable for wearing. Although the jeans made in japanese are better than the ones made in US within some details, in my opinion,LVC is not simply a jeans but also contains American history and culture. I am greatly interested about that so I want to make a collection of it. I appreciate if somebody could tell me about LVC's histroy. For example, which year did 89501,1901501,33501,37 501,44501,66501 the first time to be reproed. Those are the ones I want to collect most.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Let's talk about LVC

    PS:I am not an American^_^!

  3. I had already sent email to Nudiejeans([email protected]) for three days and also

    visited their nudiejeans.com/Q&A to submits my question,but until now,I have not got any notify.

    I was so disappoint,what should I continue going to do?

    Maybe some people who live in Sweden get it for me and sell it to me, I will be glad to pay,but I will not buy anything from Nudie for the bad service.

  4. OK! I will.My friend will ask the flag for me, because my country is so far from Sweden,and few people wear nudie...

    Another question:my friend told me the best demin come from Japan,not italy,so that dior homme which made in Japan is the best.

    Could anyone tell me why???

  5. thank you for all your reply.

    You mean I should take some photos and send to Nudie,tell them what had happened,then they will send the flag to me ,right?

    thank you.

    actually,limited edition ,as I know, use italy demin and produce in Sweden.

    so it was called "made in Sweden"

    Have a good worldcup^^

  6. I bought a pairs of svenska, but I found it out of a tag of Sweden national flag in waist.

    It made me sad,I appreciate if anybody could tell me how to get the tag back and maybe I have to sew it by myself.

    Thank you for your posts!

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