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  1. Not entirely sure what you're talking about, but they make No. 2 versions in Japan as well. The chinese versions mostly (or entirel; not sure) use Japanese denim.

    actually,I mean that my friend buy some Evisu No.2s in "http://www.rakuten.co.jp/",the

    jeans was stamped on "Made in China",but I thnik it use Japanese denim.

  2. Now,most of Evisu was made in China,and lots of fake so I will not buy Evisu.

    As I konw,Evisu No.1 is still made in Japan but No.2 was also made in China.

    I like Evisu only when it was named "EVIS" or "Labor"^_^! Because Yamani nearly made it by himself.




  3. Hi all.I was interested in EVIS ,I mean not Evisu but EVIS,and I found there were a lot of different numbers stamped on the patch so I was confused.The numeber was "2501","2504","2513","2536" and so on,also the patch was stamped "No1 special" or "No2".Could anyone explain it to me?

    BTW,The patch was not the same as today's Evisu but a Bull with some English characters.

    thanks for your posts!

  4. Besides, they are ~$500 jeans. 30,000 yen is a good price if you can actually get them for that.

    I do not think it worth 30000yen,maybe soaked one time and wron some times and also be shorten,20000 yen enough.

  5. Oh,I found it yesterday but I am sure I will not bid it though I love S510XX-AI very much and it' really hard to find.

    First I am sure the actual measurement can not be W32L36,maybe W32L30.

    Secondly,as you see from pics,it has already worn some times,and soaked ,the tag was sewed for photos.It's not NWT condition.

    Last from the patch,also not a perfect conditon.

  6. Btw,I found another doubtful point.The seller has three pairs of Evisu jeans and only one of them was the 100 pairs limited,and the number was stamped 77/100.

    However,all the pairs have the certificates were write "24/100 ",it's written in Japanese so maybe you could not understand it.

    The seller did not have 24/100's Evisu jeans,but had 24/100 certificate pics...

  7. Oh,amazing Evisu Deluxe,but Evisu has too many fake products.

    IMO the pics were true Evisu Deluxe but I can not guarantee that you could recieve the jeans like pics.

    Another question is that the seller did not put the Selvage pics,it is very important to distinguish ture or false Evisu jeans from selvage,and the wash tag was rolled properly that we can not see "Made in Japan".....

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