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  1. I've recommended that anime at least once in this thread. It's sort of a parody but it's funny as hell. Not as funny as detroit metal city but still pretty funny

    i think I miss out on the some of the humour with the terrible English voice acting :x .. ah well the big tits make up for it..

    any other anime that i've missed out on!? Last one I've enjoyed was Black Lagoon!

  2. #19 Cobra's in a 31 x 36 reporting in. Thinking of hemming but I'll let them settle and see how we go. The first thing I noticed about the jeans were the pockets actually they feel sturdy ! Will put some shoes on for some better pics later -_-


  3. bought some carhartt oxford shirt awhile back. I do like the fit, its like a relaxed fitted shit which can be worn very casually. Probably a little too thick to wear in summer though. I usually fold the sleeves since they are a little long but they aren't that form fitting.

    Probably not worth full retail though but at sale would definitely bite.

  4. Started using this uppercut pomade made in aus. Not too bad keeps the hair firmly in place and isn't too greasy if you don't put alot in. Easy to wash out too and has abit of a cocunut like smell.

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