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  1. well yea im gonna go for it...been wanting some sammys for a while now....can anyone help me w/my other questions?

    will the S0500XX's shrink to be too small for me in the waist?

    how much will they shrink lengthwise?

    i don't know how you wear you jeans so i can't say if they will be too small in waist or not .They shrink aprrox. 2.5 inches in length. you can also read more about this in samurai denim contest thread

  2. Hum. Hipster is a woman's jean eh. Interesting. Is a sz30 hipster the same as a sz30 NS? I wear all my jeans pretty low... unless they're tight and i have to pull them up to buckle hahaha.

    Hipster are unisex with wider leg opening and lower rise compare to NS.

    I don't think different model with the same size would fit the same. I'm sure that Rescue and Hipster have different exact waist measurement.

  3. Oh, maybe that's why my 45rpms have that crease down the side. I assumed it was just from folding.

    Nothing to do with folding. My other jeans don't have those lines and i fold all of my jeans in the same way. I have such lines on my sorahiko too. I think that's happen when they dry jeans (Not inside out, tumble dry). I realize about the line when i put my apc in the dryer.

  4. i normally wear 29 but at that time they only have 27 and 30 so i go for 30 and maximize the shrinkage.

    PS. Poly, I guess you already know. but just to remind you that when you put jeans in tumble dry. they'll have line at the side ( best way to do is to dry them inside out and iron them. I had a bad experience from that.

    you made me buy jeans.

  5. I've talked to Gordon about this he said that he prefer to have each of everyjeans they carried in onewash. They soak in hot water. I don't know for how long. Tumble dry. In my case, he said that i can return if i don't like them. But not if you hemmed them.

  6. i know washed jeans have been discussed before but i can't seem to find it.... and really looking into distressed, ripped washed jeans.... no abercrombie stuff, no diesel, no energie.... any nice japanese brand i can look into?

    Earnest Sewn, not japanese brand but cool!

  7. Weird question... has anyone every had a tailor taper a pair of straight leg jeans. I ask because I love the Sorahikos but they are just too full from the knee down. Some people in this thread obivously know some good tailors.. think they could pull this off?

    Initially, I found that Sorahikos have too wide leg openning. After wearing them for a while i just get used to it. If i were you i wouldn't do any alteration. So that you'll have an excuse to buy a new pair of jeans.

    Keep telling my self i have ENOUGH jeans.

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