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  1. General question, apologies if this is the wrong place, but does anyone know what kind of olive drawcord/ribbon on the hem adjuster that is used for acronym jackets? Looking to add this to the front zip of other acr jackets that dont include it. Thanks!

    SPK_J56-GT_262 copy.jpg

  2. On 4/28/2022 at 10:03 PM, mezonik said:

    WTS: J29-PX sz Medium (Full Pack) $1200 OBO +PP Shipping Fees   SOLD

    Previous owner modified the sleeves with a slight taper and added a center chest toggle higher up on the jacket.


    image7 (1).jpeg

    image1 (2).jpeg

    image0 (5).jpeg

    image5 (1).jpeg

    image4 (2).jpeg

    image3 (2).jpeg

    image8 (1).jpeg

    image6 (1).jpeg

  3. WTS:

    J61-GTV, small, full pack, 9/10, $1300 (negotiable) SOLD
    J68-WS, X-small, full pack, 9.5/10, $1000 SOLD

    J44-SD, small, full pack, 7.5/10 (patina), $1100 (Negotiable)



    S16-WS, small, full pack, 8.5/10, $400 (negotiable or include with trade)



    J27-GT v 1.2 w/aux zip SHAKEDRY hood, small (used is fine, looking to avoid buying from mothersite)
    J29-PX, small


    J72-AK, small, (missing bag, have sheet) + S16-WS (want to trade for J29-PX, small)

  4. WTB:

    J68-PL Black in S

    J36-S RAF in S

    J29-PX in S

    WTS: (thanks for the note to include prices everyone) Pics available upon request

    J68-WS Black in XS $1000

    J40 - CH Night in S (missing sling, but incl bag and sheet and expansion zip) $600

    P31 - DS Black in S Full kit (would trade for j68 PL or J36 Raf or J29-PX) $1400

    J36-S Night (missing bag and sheet) $1500

  5. UPS Tarrifs and Duties Billing

    International Deliveries


    Package would need to arrive at a location. Ideally it should be held at a UPS location of choice.

    Once there, call number below to request an update to the HTS code of the item in question.

    Billing will take note of the change and give an updated Duties amount.



    m-f 8am - 530pm

    [email protected]


    Duties for the J76-GT went from $449 -> $77

    Hope this helps you all :)


    ps. its easier to call than email. be nice and they'll help you out :)

  6. in detail: $10 tees and hats, $20 sweaters and hoodies, $25 pants, $40 jackets, $20 backpacks, $20 undft crewnecks on the 2nd floor, and half off suggested retail on shoes. cash only. im happy with my w)taps hats and two pairs of acronym pants. there wont be any acronym jackets tho.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342