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    i am the antithesis of fabulous.
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  1. djork

    Dior Homme Denim

    they look great as is; i wouldn't hem them.
  2. djork

    UT Austin

    i live on the southside of austin and try and stay on this side of the river if possible.
  3. djork

    Style Tip Please Help =D

    are those true religions? id definitely go with a darker cleaner wash if you did wear jeans. i would advise against it though.
  4. djork

    Dry Cleaning

    gtfo and go peddle your shit on doa. :teef: @djrajio - it was the most reputable dry cleaner in dallas where everyone takes their designer shit so it wont be botched. this isnt a confessional. it's fashion related. my cloak shirt is just a memory now, not unlike the label itself.
  5. djork

    Dry Cleaning

    and i lost 8 button shirts. some of my favorites too, half were designer. i have to fill out a claims form for their insurance. ugh.
  6. djork

    Let's talk about Black Hi Tops .......

    @ those split toe margielas, ive seen them once in person, but they were white.
  7. free bump bc i wish i could afford those.
  8. djork

    FS: d&g maroon leather jacket sz 48

    shoulder to shoulder: 34" arm pit to arm pit: 38" sleeve outside: 26" + 1" knit cuff length: 21" + 1" knit band i'm 5'11", 140lbs, 36" chest, very small arms. the proceeds will go towards paying off my laptop.
  9. from the s/s 07 collection, never worn, only tried on. figured id let sufu at it first before i put it on ebay. $450 shipped. pm if interested. thanks for looking.
  10. djork

    what are you eating today?

    double negative + caps lock = fail
  11. djork

    The Most Stylish Movies Ever

    save the opening tennis scenes, everyone is well dressed in match point.
  12. djork

    what are you eating today?

    breakfast: coffee lunch: 2 pb&js on hot dog buns dinner: goat cheese & parmesan crusted talapia garlic seered mixed vegetables black walnut ice cream 2nd dinner: fried chicken leg & thigh biscuit 2 jumbo caramel wafers