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  1. ^ agreed

    dont wear them too many days in a row especially in the summer, when its warm take them off for a while when possible (at school, work or just when sitting somewhere). if you have a serious problem wash your feet once a day in addition to the shower which I hope you take daily :D

    change the insoles every once in a while or wash them, also as england said above the anti-bacterials might be a good idea, plus there are some others too that reduce smell.

    well this is pretty much for preventing the shoes from getting killed, but since you already did it just wash them, throw them in the sink and use a brush and normal detergant. I've washed even leather shoes ones and normal detergant didnt ruined them even though I thought it would. dont use too much though, more on the inside and rinse thoroughly. leave outside to dry.

  2. you need to pull those down a bit man, IMO the fit is too loose around the upper leg to be worn that high

    but then again who am I to say, I drag my pants so that if I didnt have boxers my balls would have a tan icon_smile_dissapprove.gif

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  3. Hi teknology is allright but IMO not as complete as talibs albums (and of course blackstar). I actually thought Quality was f'in sick too even though it wasn't generally as liked as reflection. Beautiful struggle was allright but not close to the others.

  4. Quote:

    dont you almost always have to get your suit tailored after purchasing one?

    --- Original message by international on May 28, 2006 03:56 PM

    no, if you buy one with a correct fit. I'd guess the inseam of the pants is the most usual thing that needs to be altered, other than that you dont have to do anything if you find a good fit.

    I have two Hugo suits and one Corneliani, I had one the Hugos slimmed down a bit and the pants on the Corneliani were shortened. apart from that I like the fits.

  5. Lupe Fiasco - a bunch of mixtapes etc..

    Murs and 9th - Murrays revenge

    The Kooks - inside in, inside out

    Youth Group - Skeleton Jar

    KT Tunstall - Eye to The Telescope

    Ghostface - Fishscale

    Little Brother / DJ Drama - Seperate but Equal

    The Redwalls - De Nova

    Soul Position - Things go better with RJ and Al

    Augustana - All the Stars and Boulevards

  6. its funny.. I usually agree when its said that hiphop hasn't been as good as it used to be,

    but still some of my all time favorite albums are from 2001 onwards. I got mad love for Reasonable

    doubt, but I just have to pick blueprint because to me it feels even more complete.

    Reflection Eternal is just simply my favorite hiphop album of all time, period. amazing production,

    Kweli's precense couldnt be replaced by anyone.. all together the closest to a perfect album ever.

    top 2:

    Talib Kweli & Hitek: reflection eternal - train of thought

    Jay-Z - Blueprint

    I just cant pick a 3rd album with these, there are so many good ones but out of various reasons these stand out.

    runners up: Illmatic, reasonable doubt, resurrection, Be, Ready To Die, College Dropout (yes I said it..), Like Water for Chocolate, Beats Rhymes and Life, Blackstar..

  7. I've had a ton of shirts that were too big, mostly because I cant get decent stuff locally so when I'm not travelling I buy a lot online = occasionally wrong sizes / fit

    start by washing it (or just get it wet in the sink) and then tumbledrying it. if you dont have access to a tumbledryer you can wash it in hot water.

    if that doesnt help, you can always make it smaller by sewing. I've taken many t-shirts to a sewer (is that a word? anyways someone who fixes clothes) who charged like $10 and made it a couple of centimeters slimmer. they can also modify the sleeves (slimmer or shorter).

    I've even sewn a couple t-shirts and sweaters myself, doesn't take too much skills.

  8. ^judging by what I've seen when been to the UK I agree, but then again I wouldn't say the same about WE, its not underground but its still considered a really hip brand.

    Carhartt isnt too hot here (scandinavia, again), people mostly buy their jackets which are pretty good but I dont think I've seen their jeans for example anywhere in years. I think the skateboarding etc connection is strong elsewhere in europe though as you said.

  9. it has been around here (scandinavia) for a long time but has recently gotten more popular in other countries too.

    all kind of people here wear WE, mostly the basic trendy young people, its not that popular among skaters. but anyways yea its worn a lot here, and to be honest isn't considered that exotic, but I guess it will become atleast somewhat of a hit in the States :)

    they do make pretty good quality stuff, I have a couple of sweaters and t-shirts.

    about the supreme/alife/etc comparison, over here every young person knows the brand but I'd say 1% max know what supreme or alife is. but its of course a bit different elsewhere since its not that well known yet, but their image at least is not "underground" at all.

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  10. what I peobably laughed at most were the season 2 DVD extras, takeouts from "8mile" scene and the one where he raps with the donkey suit or whatever it is :D

    oh and also the lil jon takeout were hilarious, "you are my bestest friend in the whole wide world" "OOOOKAY!!" :D

    + the "standup" extra

  11. any tips on where to look for listings? mainly interested in hiphop related stuff but possibly others too..

    oh and I'll be in NY around 23-27th of this month if anyone happens to know any dates..