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  1. um no. i just think that wearing them is a good idea. they're good jeans. plus they're boy jeans. so why not have boys making good jean decisions in the country that i live in?

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  2. Quote:

    remember guys, if you live in sweden and nudies are really popular, that is still not a large amount of people, afterall in the states you probably don't have that many people wearing nudies, since sweden is what the size of jersey,, so that is not that many people.

    in the u.s. i'd say that nudies are basically non existant, only denim heads will get that stuff and pay that much for it, like wise with any preminum brands, sure you can say diesel/seven are really popular, that is because out of all the brands they were able to market enough to open their own stores in major cities across the country, and they were also able to stock their stuff in macys/bloomingdales, etc.. most other preminum denim companys just don't have that kind of clout.

    you can't say that you will see 10 people on the street of manhatan, with apcs, nudies, 45rpm or other jeans on, most people will have on deisel/seven/calvins/levis/tommy, and all the other common brands i'd say.

    --- Original message by sbrguy on Feb 25, 2006 12:25 PM

    i wish that more boys in the us wore nudies.

    put your life on hold as we interest one another

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