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  1. So - here's the final price

    S0500XX is 24990 yen and the shipping fee is 2000 yen for all people.

    Please do the math - convert into your currency - so 215$.

    Good price for SAMURAI !

    I know I got plenty pm last night - I will respond soon - looks like we're 30 ppl...

  2. Just a quick update !

    So far there are 21 people counted as in - I don't really want to talk about the price - but I would assume 200 - 220$ .

    But I will let you know once I get a definite answer from Samurai.

    I am talking to them about having a special link on their website to update the contest once it started - and after the contest time of - say 1 year - having the public decide which Jeans wins.

    I will keep you updatet ! This will be an amazing & unique project !!

  3. Hey - to all of those who've already mentioned that they're in earlier in this thread - pleeeaaase send me pm - I need to have a definite number to give them something ....

    Guess the more ppl - the better the price !

  4. Update on Samurai response

    I am exciting to hear it too!!

    So, if you choose the model "S5000VX" or "S0500XX",

    We will keep 20pairs of jeans just now, I think.

    Though, it is depend on the size...

    S5000VX is coming up next week.

    S0500XX is coming up next month.

    Unfortunately the limited edition is not coming up soon.

    I think S0500XX is good for you in this case.

    Because if you decided to wear "S0500XX"

    I will give the number on the leather label specially!!

    >From NO.1 - 20.

    (Do you understand this mean ? no good Englsih ....)

    PM who's in !

  5. And - just to let you guys know - I 've asked about having a limited edition....Let's see what they say - cross your fingers....That would be really really great!

    In the meantime - who's in - pleas send me a pm - so that I could start counting - see if we get - say 20 - 30 ppl - maybe that would convince them to have a special ed.

    Codeword WWDC - WorldwideDenimContest

  6. So - I just recived mail from Samurai again -

    here's what they say -

    I talked the president of SAMURAI JEANS about you and the contest.

    So, we decided the following,

    We give the another SAMURAI JEANS to him who win the contest inn the honor

    of the winner.

    And we will introduce him and the jeans in the website of SAMURAI JEANS.

    How about it?

    What do you think?

    Sincerely yours.


    That offer - plus shipping free - should we go for Samurai ??

  7. Yeah - I asked them...we're still debating...so far - they're interested - discount seems difficult - but they would drop shipping...I am still in contact - but maybe we should keep our eyes open for other brands - any "japanese selvage" ideas are welcome ...

  8. Well - I think once everybody decided - maybe we should discuss which Jeans....I am sure we'll come up with a reasonable pair of Denim....but I think we should stick to Selvage and Japanese Denim....I mean, if we're wearing them all the time , it should be worth it...Fullcount , Denime , Samurai, just make a list and we'll vote and also see if some of the companies are willing to promote or discount....

  9. Okay - maybe we should have a sign up deadline...

    How about 09.09.06....

    Everybody who wants to go for WWBreakinDenim Contest signs up by then...

    Over the weekend we could decide which Jeans it's gonna be !

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