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  1. Quick update - 25 ppl on the list..and there is 1 girl...

    I am really sorry - but no other Models will be allowed.

    We,ve decided on a particular model - and the denim is quite different...So the resutls would be way off...

    Not everybody has the prefect body (for the SO500XX) - and that includes myself as well...

    I have already asked SAMURAI about paypal - Creditcard will be your only option...

    Okay - today is deadline - check ur watch and send pm Listing - Full Name and Size

  2. So - here's Toshikos answer reagrding sizing...

    Basically, the size is the same.

    But, I think,

    The rise of S0500XX is around 1cm(1/3inches) higher.

    So, the waist of S0500XX will be a little bit smaller than that of


    So - that's it - maybe it helps - her last words - IT'S DIFFICULT !

    So far - we are 20 ppl...

  3. I have emailed Toshiko once more regarding sizing....I don't believe the reply will help much, either...

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I came accross the S)500XX in the Lightning denim vol 2 - that sure is some crazy denim....real slubby - prob. mad fading...

    Now I am really excited...

    I will post more about size once Toshiko gets back to me...

  4. Okay - I think so far I've responded to all pm's....

    Changing your size won't be a problem - I will post all user names on Sunday - so that everybody can check - and nobody will be forgotten or mistakingly be put on the list for Samurai.

    All of you who still want to change the size - just email me after that process - and it will be done .

    I just need your size and names so that Toshiko can make a reservation on the serial number - and on the definite sizes.

    Once she confirmed - everybody will order their Jeans directly through her - so you can discuss all ur payment and shipping matters directly with her.

    Creditcard will be the preferred way of payment - so everybody will be certain that the right amount will be charged - and that the Lim Edition will fly safe and sound on the way to the right address.

    All details about the "contestents" will be discussed on a different thread - we have to figure out many things - RULES - TIMEFRAME - WEBSITE (thanks again for offering help !!!) and so on.....

    We will have plenty of time after the ordering process to discuss these things !!

    Just make sure - pm Listing Full Name and Size !

    Sizing matters - I am not a Samurai specialist - but the cut is similar to the S5000VX.

    The thigh is slightly bigger - waist about the same.

    Those who are brave - size down - all I can say is - shrinkage after 1st soak - and again after 1st wash.....thats when they will have their true size ....

    As a matter of fact - I m still debating myself !

  5. So , guys - I asked - and her's what they say ---

    Could SAMURAI do a small pricedrop ??? I know , they are 24990 Yen - which is a good deal -

    I know and understand what you mean.

    I really appreciate you and your friends.

    But, there are many store which sell SAMURAI JEANS in Japan,

    and there is in NY.

    If we discount it, it happens many trouble between the stores.

    All of the store sell jeans via website.

    In japan, many people do the contest in website,

    The customers who know the discount will ask us the same way.

    So, That I can do is the discount of shipping fee.

    Usually it will be 3500 - 7000 yen for the shipping fee.

    If the shipping fee is 3500yen at least, we have to pay 1500yen for each.

    So, The total amount is 26990 yen, I think.

    I hope you understand me!

    So - I am sorry to tell all you guys that the price is firm - but I don't think that will stop the project !

    Again - pm LISTING with FULL name and SIZE !

    Don't be a part of history - create the future

  6. Okay , everybody - so far there are 16 people on the list ....

    If I want to beg Samurai for a price drop - I think I got to come up with at least 20...

    I mean - they are selling the lim. edition without us , too .....Plus - I guess it's an honour that a japanese denim company such as Samurai takes us seriously and is willing to give the winner a free pair of Sammies...

    So - again - pm Listing with full name and size - an I will mail Toshiko again regarding a price drop....

  7. well - maybe some denim brands would advertise on this site as well -- and maybe the contest will become an institution...Who knows ?

    Maybe later on Denim Brands from all over the world are knocking on our doors...and it will be a special honour to be one of the participents ....

    Think big - everything is possible

  8. I know it's not cheap...but keep focused - u wont be bying any other Denim for a year...Cause once ur in - you want to win....

    I doubt that any company would give us sponsorship - I mean it's not like we're Sharon Stone or Al Pacino...

    So - pm Listing with size and Full Name if ur in !

  9. is cheating allowed?

    what i mean is, y'all should clearly specify:

    no hand-rubbing - only if you really have to ...

    no starching - why would you do that to a Samurai ??

    no sandpapering - Shame on you !

    no clips - whatever

    no performance-enhancing substances - NO NO

    no dogs - well - I will give it some thought ....Decided - Dogs allowed

    no shoes - not in ur backpocket !!

    no shirt - if you say so..

    no service - I don't think so !

    or whatever

    clear rules, i mean


  10. And before I forget - just one more time for those who only check the last couple replies - please PM me - Subject LISTING - and send ur FULL NAME and the Size you need

    I just want to make sure that once I mail out the list nobody starts crying ....

  11. First of all - sizing

    I would advise everybody to stick with their true size - or size down 1 size.

    Anybody who had different experience - feel free to say so - since this is my personel oppinion....They shrink when you soak them- and once you wash them a tad more.

    So the overall shrinkage is probably 2 sizes anyway ....Only the very brave man should size down 2 sizes right away - or the man who wants to go an a diet !!

    Regarding alternations...

    I believe that this Denim contest should also show your dedication towards your favourite piece of clothing - the whole sense in breaking in ur Jeans is creating your very own piece of Denim history !

    So - hemming - of course - not everybody has a 36 inch leg !

    Fixing holes ? Of course !

    But I am slightly opposed to tailoring a new cut - but if one of the contestents believes it is necessary - I'd say - why not !

    This whole project will be getting a lot of publicity - and everybody who's in should enjoy the trip !

    So I say - other than having a time rule and the exact same starting day - do whatever makes you feel good !

    Last question - I will post a list with all the "User names" who will participate on Sunday morning after mailing out Names and Sizes to Toshiko !

  12. Have to quote myself - please send your full name and the size you decided on !

    I need ur full name so that I can give Samurai a complete list with Name and Size - so that later on she will know who´s order belongs to the contest -

    Everybody will be ordering directly through Toshiko - so that everybody gets shipping , payment and serial nubmer correctly !!!

    So again - pm FULL NAME and SIZE !! PM LISTING

    Thanks everybody !

    Don,t forget to pm - only those who send LISTING pm with full name and size can be in - list will be completed by Saturday, September 10th...

  13. Have to quote myself - please send your full name and the size you decided on !

    I need ur full name so that I can give Samurai a complete list with Name and Size - so that later on she will know who´s order belongs to the contest -

    Everybody will be ordering directly through Toshiko - so that everybody gets shipping , payment and serial nubmer correctly !!!

    So again - pm FULL NAME and SIZE !!

    Thanks everybody !

  14. OKAY guys - so far 30 people seem to be in

    All of you who are 100% positive - pm me ur name and the size you want - Codeword


    Please use this word as subject - way too many pms - need to find it easily !!!

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