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  1. I believe everybody ordered succesfully....So here are some updates for the rules...

    Contest Duration November1st 2006 - November 1st 2007

    Final Voting starting Nov 1st 2007

    Picture updates - every 1st of the month - so every 4 weeks - 1 front, 1 back shot and 1 detail, plus 1 shot of you wearing the Jeans (front or back , whatever you prefer..

    Descriptions like numbers of washes , days of wearing , starching will be given with the pictures

    No sand paper - we want to see how they naturally wear and break in

    There will be one picture of the raw Jeans on the homepage - I don't think everybody needs to post a pic of the same raw Jeans - but I think it would be great t post pics of the fit after soak...

    Plus - since people might recieve their Samurai on different days - no cheating - Soak and wearing start Nov1st - for everybody...HA , 30 ppl staring into the bathtub on the same day, funny world...

  2. Quick update - 27 orders so far - 3 pending - There have been 2 replacements.

    I will finalize the list once more tonight - so please - those who have'nt ordered yet - please proceed....

    Thanks for the pms about getting in - I will let you know tonight ...

  3. beatle-sorry to drop this on you but I tried to PM you once I realized SF was back online.

    Got your pm - mailed Samurai...it's okay...

    I realize the inconvenience this may cause so I must apologize.

    Accepted...now be good and watch what happens..:)

  4. Dude - they import the Jeans - tax adds up - kitchener is switzerland - they have less tax on clothing - but when you order them online , shipping will be about 30$, customs - maybe the slip through - you'll never know...

    So I would assume you also pay 220$ in the end...

    And the rest - I guess you can call that store profit..

  5. First of all - thelion - I guess we all really appreciate your emotinal outbreak....but we've been having this thread up for quite some time - and sign up deadline was way before the crash...Maybe we'll see you next year.

    I mailed Toshiko - 9 people have not ordered yet - I will send you a pm....we need all the orders by September 25th...So please be good and proceed...

    Regarding voting. I already talked to Toshiko and we both agree that Samurai prefers having the public decide.

    2000db will come up with a voting option that makes sure there are no double votings...

    I think it makes sense to have a monthly update regarding pics and washing details and so on - otherwise there won't be much progress to be looking at.

    We will see how marketing goes - of course we 'll try to have some adds and stuff - but I'd also be picky...

    As far as the website - we registered www.thedenimcontest.com

    I hope you guys like it !

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