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  1. Hey guys - I was thinking we should have an official contest t shirt.. front sais SAMURAI SO500XX no. & contest date

    back gives the website address

    I thought navy blue would be great...Let me know what you think - checked a copule places - price for 100% cotton comfort shirt incl. print and shipping would be

    around 50$...

  2. Okay - I guess the guy was kidding....5 Grand just does'nt make sense..unless he's Bill Gates...

    I really believe that in case the Jeans don't fit at all, they should be sold, but I don't like for this contest to turn into an auction...

    So I am considering taking the ppl who are selling their Sammies off the list...Meaning - who buys them - have fun - but you're not in the contest....

    What do you think ?

  3. Any pics for the contest community ??? Since we haveto torture ourselfs and wait 2 more weeks before putting them on...PLEASE !!

    Well - have to kind of correct myself.....not the same Jeans...but pics are always apprecciated

  4. Hey guys...just saw that jeffyvain is salling his contest Jeans - and surprisingly enough he seems to be having the same sreial number as I do....unless he´s made a mistake - we´re both #27...

    So I guess it would be wise if we double checked - those who´ve already recieved their Sammies - please post serial number again.....thanks a lot...

  5. Hey there...No soak before November 1st....I know - a day or 2 won't make such a big difference - but I still think it's way more fun to have 30 ppl. soaking their Sammies on the same day....

  6. Hey there....Shipping date still around 10/10th - so just be good ...Beatle's still enjoying her vacation - Grand Canyon, New Mexico....did some hiking in my Nudies...so more later on...

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