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  1. And as you all know, the wait for the sample jeans was killing me.

    Mid rise slim fit with tapered leg

    17oz raw selvage denim milled in Okayama

    rope dyed with 24 dips

    10oz Cotton twill hickoree pinstripe pocket bags

    raised belt loops

    half lined back pockets

    all threads in UEJ polycore

    doghnut buttons in cox

    hidden rivets and exposed rivets in cox

    reinforced crotch detail

    shrink to fit

    The crotch detail takes all strain away from the weakest sewing point in a pair of jeans - which is the point where inner seams and top block of the jeans meet. We had a good chance to test it on our fit model Robin - and yes, it works!

    The threads are all polycore for superior durability, but these ones are even more special since they are supposed to fade in a vintage way - like the original cotton threads used to do.

    Once soaked the denim will weigh in at about roughly 18oz. The texture has a super interesting feel to it, a hint of slub with a nice sheen - almost like a cross over between Samurai´s 17oz 5000VX denim and a PBJ 005 combined with the darkness of a Momotaro denim.

    These jeans are meant to be worn true to size , the seat and rise will accommoadate for biking and an active life style - our model Robin usally wears a size 32 and was just about able to squeeze into a tagged size 30- bare in mind, before soak.

    The bybeatle volume one will retail for pre order and the heavy comp exclusively through Rivet & Hide, the link will be up on March 5th.

    All pre orders will get a discount of 10% and all jeans qualify for a spot in the heavyweight championship

    Official retail price is $355











  2. Last, but not least, and to me the icing on the cake, the leather patch is also 100% authentic and made in Kojima. it was quite fascinating to have a business meeting with the company that produces for flathead , samurai , fob and eternal , just to scratch the surface, and yes , those guys will be embossing the cowhide leather patch for the first edition of bybeatle.




  3. 03032013

    First of all, let me say thank you for all your patience.

    It is finally time to reveal everything about bybeatle - volume one

    If you are looking for a denim that has never before been used and is loomed in the heart of the famous Okayama prefecture, combined with a mid rise slim fit with a seriously tapered leg, than you might have just found your wild card!

    Crazy Beatle finally ventured out to Japan on a mission and visited a family run shuttle loom mill and an established textile supplier in the Okayama prefecture and scored some seriously dark indigo right hand twill redline selvage denim.

    The mill, under super vision of ALLBLUE inc. - meeting with Hajime Inoue-San, founder and owner of TCB and Fuji-San, supervisor of mill







    I also had the chance to meet a textile supplier in the Okayama prefecture, Hideo Yamaashi of Yamaashi Orimono Co.Ltd





  4. Thanks Max, yeah , it feels seriously great to hold the first Volume of bybeatle in my hands...a very happy and exciting moment...

    I am extremely pleased with the sample, the denim actually feels even better now that I have an entire jeans sitting here / a lot of texture going on and seriously blue hands! I would describe it as a cross between PJS´s xx005 denim in terms of hand and feel, Momotaros super dark blue and the weight of a 17oz samurai denim...a bit heavier than that actually...

    I suppose once soaked they will even be way darker and a tad heavier, but I won´t find out until Sunday as the photoshoot is happening tomorrow and I want to make sure that our tough models won´t have to cry ...waist measures 15.5 and they usually wear a 32..so yup, will be fun...

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