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  1. Just posting this to see if more people are experiencing problems when trying to open sufu in Mozilla safari or chrome ..explorer works for me


    Comes up with message


    Warning - visiting this website may harm your computer


    Feed back and tech service appreciated

  2. Thank you Jared. I am seriously happy to hear that you love the jeans - it was indeed the texture of the denim that convinced me to pick this one for volume one. I can´t wait to see your fit pictures, and yes, the cox doghnut buttons as well as the rivets are meant to develop some nice patina over the years and washes, an authentic feature that we all admire. I can only second all your kind words about Danny - Rivet and Hide is truly delivering a sublime customer service and provides all the help needed.


    HWDC Meet Up 2- San Francisco


    Just a quick update to this plan, as a couple of things have changed.


    - I cannot get out to SF until July 2014 at the earliest, so meet will be July/ August next year.

    - If anyone is interested in doing a Goruck challenge we will need around 20 people to make it cost viable.

    - If there is not enough interest in the GR Challenge, we will just get into SF and have a serious fuckin party.


    You have the loose arrangements, get saving Heavy Champs this is going to be hell of a denim meet.

    B) B) B) B) B) B)





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