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  1. nike dunk sb's:

    - tiffany"s 9.5 (very, very near dead stock), sb wear t-shirt "diamonds are forever", size medium, nike "tiffany" fitted hat 600

    - de la soul low 10 (dead stock)350

    - shanghai 2"s 10 (very, very near dead stock)200

    - hunters 9.5 (dead stock)400

    - avengers 9.5 (very, very near dead stock)200

    - huffs 9.5 (very, very near dead stock)300

    - ompa lompa 9.5 (very near dead stock)200

    - chino 9 (very near deadstock)200

    nike air trainer sb's:

    - gold diggers 9.5 (very, very near dead stock)175

    - gold diggers 10 (dead stock)200


    - nike p-rods 10 (very near deadstock)200

    - nike x stussy court forces 10(very, very near deadstock)200

    - new balance rezoh's 9.5 (very, very near deadstock)200

    message me if you're interested in anything and make me an offer. email me for pictures.

    if you are interested email

    [email protected]

  2. any recommendations on a place to get a good haircut

    where do y'all go? somewhere in the downtown core plz

    i went to shampoo in kensington. its ok for what it is. a little expensive maybe. its kinda like kensington does coupe bizzare. maybe house of lords? its like 10 bucks.

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