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  1. Hard work/wear will cause more fading from abrasion, and the funkiness that causes lends itself to more frequent washing (vintage fades). Wqshing softens the fabric and with it creases, which would fade more from repetitive bending (high contrast fades). At least that's how I think it works.

    I have Eternals and PBJs that have been through major ordeals and have been washed accordingly. Taking a different approach with the SDAs. I'm sure they'd be just fine after a wash, but I haven't been compelled to do so yet.

  2. sda are a bitch to fade but yours is really looking good, +rep -should keep on wearing them would like to see how they'll turned out!

    Very true. My pair is coming up on a year and is still really dark. My jacket too, for that matter, and it's closer to two years old.

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